Roger Waters’ Son Harry Feels ‘Hurt’ After Getting Fired By His Own Father

Rolling Stone was recently informed by Harry Waters about his experience being fired from Roger Waters’ band just before the “Us + Them” tour started in late 2016. After working with his father for 14 years, he described what it felt like to be dismissed by him.

“I think he just wanted a change of blood, something new, something fresh. I’m not sure of his exact reasoning, but everyone except two people [keyboardist Jon Carin and guitarist Dave Kilminster] got fired. But the other guys that got the sack weren’t his son, so it was doubly hurtful for me.”

He Still Supports His Father

Harry nonetheless continues to back Roger, particularly in view of the backlash against his political beliefs. The former member of Pink Floyd has been charged with antisemitism because of remarks he made about the Israeli government and because of items he used on stage that made reference to SS officers.

Harry remarked in reaction to these assertions:

“It’s just not true at all that he’s an antisemite. He’s been doing that for 40 years. It’s satire. He’s bringing to light all the evils of the world. But people confuse that and think he’s an antisemite, which is really stupid.”

Will He Work With Roger Again?

Harry took a break from Pink Floyd’s music after quitting Roger’s band, and the two didn’t collaborate with his father on any further projects. However, the keyboardist expressed some receptivity to the notion when he mentioned the following:

“I don’t imagine it’ll happen again, but maybe. We’ll see.”

The Keyboardist’s Pink Floyd-Related Work

During their tour earlier in the year, Harry Waters resumed covering Pink Floyd songs with Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade. His next move is to play three performances with Brit Floyd, an homage to Pink Floyd, in honor of “The Dark Side of the Moon’s” 50th anniversary.

Regarding this novel endeavor, he informed Rolling Stone:

“I’ve never met any of them, but I’ll just turn up and play. I’ve been playing this music for 30 years or so. I think we’ll be OK without a rehearsal.”

Plans For The Shows And Beyond

Harry will play with musicians including Durga McBroom and Scott Page on songs like “Time,” “The Great Gig In The Sky,” and “Pigs” during these performances. The keyboardist stated that he “would be interested” in working with Brit Floyd again if the chance presented itself, despite his uncertainty about it.


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