Roger Waters Confesses His Guilt After The Victim Died

Roger Waters honored the late DJ in an X post that was published not long after Jim Ladd’s death on December 17. He expressed disapproval of Ladd’s supervisors at SiriusXM and admitted some of the blame for the radio host’s dismissal. Waters revealed his pal passed away while sleeping.

As the Irish have it, ‘I’m sorry for my loss.’ I just watched an interview I did with Jim in 1984, f**k he was good, and so was Stewy, my cocker spaniel. Jim suffered a setback at work recently. SiriusXM, for whom he worked, cut him from six Deep Tracks shows a week to one. Thank you, Scott Greenstein, and if it wasn’t you, you should have stopped whoever it was.

Ladd’s airtime on the Deep Tracks channel was reduced from a daily program to a weekly one by SiriusXM. The ex-member of Pink Floyd acknowledged that he was the one who made the choice, which helped to explain his influence. He declared:

“I believe Jim was fired, partly, at least, because of me. Against the company’s better judgment, Jim had interviewed me on Deep Tracks, and our conversation had veered too close to the sacred cow, Israel, and its subjugation of the Palestinians.”

Waters’ Love For Ladd

In addition, Waters discussed his bond with Ladd, which dates back to the 1980s. He revealed:

“I loved Jim, and he loved me. I got him the job at Sirius when the meat grinder that is modern LA finally closed its door on his legendary career at KMET and KLOS. Jim was a revolutionary. Jim Ladd believed in the power of love. Jim Ladd believed in telling the truth, Jim Ladd believed in human rights, Jim Ladd believed in Freeform Radio.”

The artist said that in 2024, he and the late DJ intended to launch Radio KAOS FM, a new radio station. The two collaborated on the 1987 album “Radio KAOS,” which inspired the station’s moniker.

Jim Ladd’s Death

Jim Ladd suffered a heart attack and died at the age of 75. Meg Griffin, his coworker at SiriusXM, announced his passing on the Deep Tracks channel.

Griffin informed the audience that Ladd passed away with his wife, Helene Hodge-Ladd, at his side at their house close to Carmichael, California. Next, he continued, honoring the late DJ:

“He never stopped caring. He delivered the truth. He lived for the music, and I am blessed to have worked with him.”

The Late DJ’s Career

In 1969, Ladd made his radio debut at Long Beach, California’s KNAC. As FM radio began gaining popularity, he swiftly established himself as a well-known voice in Southern California’s rock scene. He affected many musicians, including Tom Petty, whom he helped create “The Last DJ” album.

In an earlier interview, he discussed being at the vanguard of radio with Michael Simone:

“We were inventing this thing as we were going along, so what I would say in the radio [for role models], it is pretty much everybody that I’ve worked with that I’ve learned from or borrowed from. As far as role models in my life, Martin Luther King would be one, and certainly, when I was growing up, John Lennon and Jim Morrison were two others who had a great influence on me, as well as [Roger] Waters.”

Roger Waters’ tribute to him is down here.


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