Rod Stewart Explains Why He’s Struggling Writing With Ronnie Wood

Rod Stewart recently engaged in a conversation with American Songwriter, sharing candid insights into the complexities of producing a new album alongside Ronnie Wood for their iconic band, Faces.

The Arduous Journey Toward a Faces Album

Anticipation for the band’s first new material in over half a century has been palpable, but Stewart unveiled the challenges within the creative process. He disclosed, “I’ve sent a lot of them [songs] to Ronnie Wood. I told him, ‘This is stuff we’ve recorded with my band; maybe The Faces would like to do it instead?’ We’re still struggling to make this album. We’ll see. Some of them might see the light of day.”

In 2021, surviving Faces members, including Wood, Stewart, and drummer Kenney Jones, shared promising news of having recorded 14 new songs and contemplating an arena tour in the U.S. and UK. Reflecting on the upcoming album, Jones noted, “We’ve done about 14 songs. It’s a mixture of stuff we never released, which is worthy of releasing, and there’s some new stuff, which is really wonderful. Rod is writing the lyrics, and he’s really keen on it.”

Stewart’s revelation about numerous unreleased songs provides a glimpse into the deeply personal nature of his songwriting process. He remarked, “There are a lot of songs I’ve written that I haven’t put out, and nobody knows about them. My songs are like my children. I gave birth to them, and then I put them out there in the world and see how they do.”

Faces last released an album, ‘Ooh La La,’ in 1973, with their paths diverging in 1975. Despite this, occasional reunions for performances underscore their enduring musical bond. Wood’s career intertwined with The Rolling Stones, joining them on tour in 1975 and officially becoming a member in 1976.

Triumphs and Trials En Route to Faces’ New Album

Yet, the path to completing the new album has been riddled with challenges and delays. The collaborative creative process has posed obstacles, and Stewart’s decision to share songs with Wood highlights their ongoing musical partnership. However, finding the right creative direction and achieving cohesion has proven elusive, leaving the album’s release in uncertainty.

The anticipation surrounding Faces’ new music is palpable, given the extended hiatus since their last release. Fans eagerly await the chance to experience fresh material from a band that significantly shaped the music landscape of the 1970s. The impact of Faces on rock music is undeniable, and their reunion promises to be a significant event for both longtime fans and newer generations of music enthusiasts.

Recording 14 new songs underscores the band’s commitment to delivering an album that not only embraces their iconic sound but also introduces a blend of previously unreleased tracks worthy of sharing with the world. This decision underscores their dedication to staying true to their musical roots while exploring new and unique material that pushes creative boundaries.

Stewart’s revelation about the vast number of unreleased songs reflects the meticulous and introspective process of song curation undertaken by artists. Each song holds personal significance, and as Stewart continues to refine his creative output, fans can expect lyrics and melodies that delve into emotional depth and vulnerability on the upcoming album.

Despite the challenges during the album’s production, the camaraderie between Faces’ members remains robust. The occasional performances over the years attest to their enduring connection. Stewart and Wood, both successful in their music careers, share a commitment to their musical partnership, striving to recapture the magic through their collaboration.

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