15 Perfect Pop Songs For Kids To Sing

Lately, in this busy lifestyle, we hardly find any time for our precious family. While we are doing all for the family, not paying attention to them; especially your little kids could take a toll on your relationship.

So, it is very important to spend some quality time with your loved ones and deepen the bond of family, and what better way to do so other than fun karaoke?

As they say, music is that one thing that connects us to each other. So be it your friends, relatives or even your own kids, just a little karaoke session is enough to brighten up the mood and have fun.

Now, the only problem with karaoke is the choice of songs as you know most of the songs do contain some inappropriate contents that might not be good for your kids.

Don’t be worried, as in this article we have managed to come up with a list of fifteen pop songs of all times that are child appropriate so that you can still bop to the great music while still enjoying some quality time with your kids.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the list.

1. Brave: Sara Bareilles

Let us start off our list with Sara Bareilles’s Brave. Released in 2013, Brave was among one of the most wonderful songs of all time and was about having the courage to speak up instead of bottling all your problems.

Written by Bareilles and Jack Antonoff, it was described as a civil right anthem at a time when there were no civil rights anthems.

Your child could be too young to understand all these civil rights things but one can never be too young to hear some wonderful and empowering messages; especially if a pop song delivers them.

2. Let It Go: Demi Lovato

We are probably sorry to all the parents out there if just the name of the song drained all your energy. If not thousands, you have probably sung along with this Disney classic probably over a hundred times.

However, if you are so sick and tired of the original version, which is quite near impossible, but if you are then we suggest you change that channel and tune into the simplified pop version of Let it Go by Demi Lovato.

The pop version still has that Disney feel with that little pop magic added to it, making it perfect for your kids to sing along with and for you to enjoy it.

3. Dynamite: BTS

Taking the world by storm, the Korean boy band, BTS has songs that are child appropriate but mostly in Korean, which could cause a language barrier.

However, don’t be sad if your kids can’t sing along to their Korean songs, as they have also released some awesome pieces in the English language.

BTS released their hit song, Dynamite in 2020 as their first English language song, which immediately became a commercial success.

With the cheerful and colorful themes along with easy lyrics, the song is very easy to sing along with and gives a fun and bright vibe.

4. Happy: Pharrell Williams

Just the word Happy is enough to make anybody smile, and especially when made into a whole song, the smile just widens.

You just can’t help but smile when you hear this song. I mean Pharrell didn’t only provided a masterpiece but also gave a reason to smile.

Giving such encouraging messages about staying positive and promoting happy thoughts throughout the songs, it is probably the best song out there for your kids to sing as it not only is a good song but is sure to put your kids in a better mood.

5. Fireworks: Katy Perry

Just admit it, even you have tried to do the part where Katy Perry shoots fireworks from her body on the rooftop, right? or was it just me?

Well, that doesn’t really matter, what really matters is the fact that Fireworks by Katy Perry has to be one of the best dance-pop songs out there.

Released almost 12 years ago, Fireworks by Katy Perry was about young people who managed to have courage and confidence in themselves. Interestingly, it has become a worldwide anthem throughout the years.

6. ABC’ by the Jackson 5


Surprisingly a 50-year-old pop classic, ABC by the Jackson 5 has managed to make its way into our list.

As easy as 1-2-3, ABC is still one of the popular kid’s bops out there. The easy and fun lyrics make it entertaining to sing to and the upbeat lyrics compare learning to love to learn the alphabet.

However, it’s quite surprising how this song has not replaced the classic ABCs despite being a such fun song.

7. My Universe: Coldplay and BTS

Another song on our list is My Universe by Coldplay with none other than the “Princes of Pop”, BTS. The song is about how the power of love transcends all things, borders, rules, genders, races, and every sexuality. Quite a message to deliver while providing such a fantastic beat.

The song is mostly in English except for BTS’s part, as they are in Korean. However, the song is a bop itself so if you can make your kid learn the song, not only are they broadening their ideas about love but also developing their language skills.

Just like BTS dedicated this song to their fandom, ARMYs, and Chris Martin to his lover, you can dedicate it to your kids.

8. Breakaway: Kelly Clarkson

Every now and then we wish for becoming a kid again but being a kid is not as easy as it seems it is during this time kids go through a lot.

From making their first friend to ending up in various situations, kids sure lots of things going on in their lives. So what better song to give them that courage to hold on to than Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway?

Not only for kids, but Breakaway is perfect for everyone as it is all about breaking through situations and taking that leap of faith to leave our comfort zone and explore ourselves and the world.

9. Boomerang: JoJo Siwa

Released by Jojo Siwa, a famous dancer, actress, and Youtuber, Boomerang is another that will certainly become your kids’ favorite.

In 2016, Jojo released the Boomerang as a song about cyberbullying with the main message that if you give your best there is nothing impossible.

Many kids like JoJo because of her cheerful and lovable personality. So, of course, her songs would also be equally liked by them.

10. Shake it Off: Taylor Swift

Miss Taylor Swift has always delivered quality music over the years. Shake it off is just another one of her masterpieces as it became Taylor’s breakout pop anthem that signaled her transition from the country.

There are many other Taylor hits that you could enjoy with your kids but this one hits it off the bat because of the fun vibe the song gives and who doesn’t like a silly dance and singing, right?

So, go out there, have fun, and Shake It Off!!!

11. Fight Song, by Rachel Platten

Even if life sometimes brings you down sometimes, you should never give up and move forward. Fight song by Rachel Platten is another song in our list that would just not be a karaoke song but also a song that would give that hope and courage they need to move forward in their life.

The song dealt with the theme of fighting through hardships and times when you feel lost and small. The lyrics are very easy and meaningful as not only kids but even adults could easily relate to the song.

12. Just the Way You Are: Bruno Mars

One of the top musicians, Bruno Mars certainly has hits and hits lined up on his sleeves but most of his songs are not child appropriate.

However, Just the Way You Are is something else as it is a beautiful song that has nothing inappropriate and has beautiful lyrics,

The simple and lovely lyrics that come directly from the heart will not only be a good karaoke number but also teach your kid just how amazing they are just the way they are, which is very important as they are at the age where insecurity regarding their appearance might build up.

So, enjoy a slower karaoke with Bruno’s song and tell your loved ones just how amazing they are.

13. What Makes You Beautiful: One Direction

Now, if you feel like Bruno’s song was too slow and not really to your kid’s taste then we suggest you take a look at One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful.

The five-member boy band, One Direction sang about how their significant other didn’t know just how beautiful they were that they didn’t need anything else to make themselves pretty and it was just their own colors that made them beautiful.

The song mainly appealed to the teenage audience but hey a quadruple platinum song won’t look so bad in a kids’ singing portfolio.

14. Cups: Anna Kendrick

If you want your kids to learn some instruments from a very early age, then we suggest you try it with the very basics; cups!

Cups by Anna Kendrick is not your traditional song about heartaches and love but is more about independence and freedom the singer states that she wants to go on a journey with her significant other but they don’t want to do that, so she decides to go alone.

This is a very perfect song to teach your kids about prioritizing their happiness above other toxic people and finding their own bliss.

Oh right! If your kids do learns the lyrics, move on to the part of the cup, and once mastered expect a jaw-dropping performance soon.

15. Fireflies: Owl City

One great quality that kids have is their innocence. Unknown to the world outside they are in their own universe, probably dreaming of great things.

For such little dreamers, Fireflies by Owl City is a perfect song. The whole song is a bit fairy with a melodic sound and a catchy, simple hook.

Also, the music video is very beautiful and fun to watch with your kids as it has magical elements such as beautiful fireflies and even toys coming to life which would certainly pique your little ones’ interest.

So there you have it, some of the child-appropriate pop songs for kids to sing. So, without worrying about kids having to be exposed to inappropriate content, join your kids in their little karaoke sessions with these amazing pop songs.

Wait! Before you leave the article here are some of the frequently asked questions that might interest you.

1. At What age can kids sing songs?

Most kids can start singing by the ages of five and six in a traditional sense when they’ll be able to carry a tune consistently and sing with rhythm. However, some kids also develop singing abilities as early as three to four years old.

2. What is the easiest song to sing for kids?

  • Beautiful, by Christina Aguilera.
  • You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift.
  • I’m Yours by Jason Mraz.
  • Imagine by John Lennon.
  • Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn.
  • Royals by Lorde.
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley
  • Count on Me, by Bruno Mars

3. What are some school-appropriate songs in 2022?

Some of the school-appropriate songs in 2022 that can be played in the school events are:

  • DJ Casper – Cha Cha Slide.
  • Lil Nas X – Old Town Road.
  • Taylor Swift – Shake It Off.
  • Cupid – Cupid Shuffle.
  • Billie Eilish – Bad Guy.
  • Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk.

4. What are the most popular kid-friendly songs?

  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • The Hokey Pokey
  • The Ants Go Marching
  • Happy and You Know It

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