The 12 Best Guitar Channels on YouTube (2023)

If you’re trying to start your guitar journey or enhance your skills in the guitar then here are some perfect videos that’ll help you to be better in your journey.

YouTube has been a popular platform for everyone, you can almost learn anything through the platform, and it has been one of the biggest deductive platforms that have helped its viewers to learn more about the topic they like.

YouTube is just the perfect platform to learn instruments as well, and when you’re trying to learn guitar and enhance your skills on the instrument, the platform can’t get any better for you. And when you’re getting to learn free lessons from there, what’s the problem!?

Let’s take a look at some YouTube Channels which will provide you with the best and free Guitar Lessons for you.

Marty Music

The channel is one of the precious ones for every beginner. Marty is a professional guitarist and has managed to connect students throughout the world. Marty is an intelligent teacher and the ways he teaches his lesson to the students are really simple and effective in various ways.

Marty offers lessons to both beginners and advanced players. He gives his students lessons on topics such as; ear training, and theory, and he will even teach you how to songwriters. And the best part is, he will upload high-quality videos which will make the players easier to understand all the lessons.

If you’re a beginner then Marty will teach you effective lessons such as; how to hold the guitar perfectly, how to make the perfect tune in your guitars, and all. He’ll teach you the basic terms of guitar and will slowly lead you to new lessons where you’ll learn about chords, melodies, patterns, and more.

As we’ve already stated, the lessons that Marty gives to his students are easy. He doesn’t put all the information in a single video, which helps the learners to be professional through each step. He will divide the lessons into various parts and with each part, the lesson gets easier to understand.

The lessons that Marty posts are also entertaining, if you’re tired of taking lessons but still don’t want to lose your pace then ]visiting Marty’s youtube channel will be the perfect thing for you. The lessons of Marty are simple, entertaining, and understandable in various ways.

Andy Guitar 

Another perfect YouTube channel to teach you Guitar Lessons for free is Andy Music.

The owner of the YouTube channel is Andy Crowley who is a professional guitarist and a skilled guitar teacher from the United Kingdom. Andy is a skilled player because it has been almost 20 years since he learned guitar for the first time and 10 years have already passed since he became a guitar teacher.

When you’ll visit Andy’s channel, you won’t only learn various lessons because the lessons that he teaches are also entertaining. Its goal of Andy is not only to teach guitar lessons but it is also to keep the students entertained throughout the whole lesson.

Andy also makes easy guitar lessons and he’ll make the lessons understandable to every guitar player, from beginners to advanced players. Andy also provides his audience with a wide range of lessons, you’ll not only learn how to play new songs but you’ll also learn technique videos, play-throughs, technique videos, and more.

Just like Marty, Andy also breaks down his lesson into several parts. By doing this the viewers can get detailed information on the lesson they are taking. This will make the audience to learn faster and easier.

If you’re trying to enhance your skills on the guitar or you’re just about to hold the instruments then Andy Guitar will just be the perfect recommendation for your guitar journey.


Truefire is another famous platform that allows viewers to learn about guitar more thoroughly.

This channel provides you with several guitar lessons and it is the main reason why Truefire is one of the most popular online guitar lessons you can find on the internet and on YouTube.

The lessons you’ll find on this platform are truly precious because they hire professional teachers who have years of experience with the instrument. Truefire offers its audience a wide range of lessons and it also taught its students various styles such as;  blues, jazz, country, and rock.

The only bad thing about the app is that beginners might find some complex lessons on its platform. If you’re a beginner at the instrument then you might want to take a look at some of the easiest lessons then before jumping into this channel.

The YouTube platform is free and there are also several lessons that you can learn from here.

Paul Davids 

Another professional guitarist that you can find on YouTube is Paul Davids. He is a skilled guitar teacher who started playing the instrument when he was 13 years old.

Paul has the perfect lessons for both beginners level and intermediate players. He also teaches the guitar lesson in a simple and easier way which makes the students learn about their lesson more quickly than expected.

He teaches in a simple way but another thing that helps the student to learn is his soft speaking manner, with such speaking skills he can easily explain any difficult lessons and helps the students to engage with him more and understand them.

He doesn’t pile the guitar lesson into a single video, he breaks the lesson and puts them in different videos which makes the students learn about the lesson in a much simpler and easier way. Such kind of step helps the students to focus on what they learned and after some practice, they can master the previous lesson before moving on.

Paul provides well-produced video lessons and gives you an explanation of almost everything. He doesn’t only show the figures of chords, but he also shows you hand placement, strumming patterns, and many advanced techniques of guitar.

He will also give you lessons on music theory and if you’re trying to learn lead on your guitar then he’ll help you with that one as well. If you’re trying to pursue the professional path in your guitar journey then he is just the right person to approach.

The Art Of Guitar

When it comes to learning guitar through YouTube, The Art Of Guitar is another perfect choice for you because it is also one of the oldest channels which started its YouTube journey way back in 2008.

He provides great lessons and for such an amazing performance, he has also won the accolades of many different publications because of his perfect lessons. The way that he interacts with the students and teaches the lesson is just perfect for anyone who’s trying to start their guitar journey through YouTube.

The scope of the channel seems to change quite a bit because now it focuses more on providing guitar-related entertainment, but before it used to provide techniques, life hacks, artist studies, and many more.

The new lessons might seem like they’re not efficient to you but you can also learn a lot just by taking a few notes through his old YouTube videos. His new topics will also entertain you and will give you certain ideas that you were never thought of before.

You can also learn about the mistakes you should avoid while playing guitar because Mike keeps on talking about his mistakes, which can be a plus point for you and you’ll get to experiment with new things, which will boost your confidence and entertain you.


Another perfect YouTube channel that’ll provide you with the perfect guitar lessons is JustinGuitar. This channel is just the perfect one to start your career in guitar because he is one of the oldest, in fact, he is the father of guitar lessons.

He has provided free lessons on the guitar since the beginning of YouTube and to this date, you can find him uploading many informative contents about the guitar.

Justin has been the perfect teacher on this platform and his lessons have been so effective that he has gained a name for himself. When it comes to teaching new things, his lessons have proved to be more amazing for all guitar players.

If you’re a beginner player or a pro player, his lessons will always be perfect for you, They were effective in various ways and the content we’re looking for is absolutely perfect, so it’s a win-win situation.

He also offers a variety of lessons on his YouTube channel such as Music Theory, Guitar fundamentals, Techniques, and Song-based lessons. His channel also broadcasts various sessions and Q&A.

If you’re just trying to play guitar for fun that we will not recommend you this channel because JustinGuitar helps you to reach a higher level of the guitar as a guitarist.


If you’re trying to learn some new techniques and new ways to play your guitar then GuitarLesson365 will just be the right channel that will provide you with essential lessons on this topic.

The owner of the channel is Carl Brown and he created this channel back in 2009. Since then, he has been one of the popular channels to teach guitar lessons. You’ll find various guitar lessons on the channel and it will help you to gain different knowledge on guitar.

Carl will help you find your perfect skills on guitar and will help you to spotlight that. Even if you have no idea what your skills are on guitar, the wide library of guitar lessons will help surely help you to find your talent on guitar.

His channel will also help you to gain knowledge on artist studies, with such study you can create your own style of playing the guitar. He also publishes well-produced videos that will help the students to engage properly with the lesson.

The lessons he publishes on YouTube will also come with various camera angles, and with such angles, you can see each element of the guitar and you can continue your lesson without any commotion or having to pause each moment.

Take note because such kind of feature is rare to see in guitar lessons which come free. If you’re pursuing a path to be a guitarist, then GuitarLessosn365 might just be the perfect channel for you!

Ry Naylor Guitar

Ry Naylor is a professional guitarist and he has experience in this instrument for almost two decades. If you’re a beginner and have no idea what to do in the beginning then this channel just might be the perfect one for you to learn various lessons.

Ry Naylor also doesn’t pile up the lessons in just one video, he breaks down the lesson into various videos and makes the lessons easier to learn for students. The lessons are short and sweet and help the students to engage with their students more thoroughly.

In his channel, you can also find a library of guitar lessons and he’ll also give you guides on tabs, chords, and many more. This will help the students to learn about the lesson they are learning more briefly. With such visual effects, the students can perfect the lesson in no time.

Overall, the channel is just the perfect one to guide you on your guitar journey through the beginning. He’ll give you a wide amount of information on the chords, extensions, arpeggios, and many other elements.

And he’s also an expert on fretboard navigation, so if you ever find yourself in that situation with no idea how to navigate your fretboards then you might give check Ry Naylor’s channel.

Ben Eller Guitars 

If you want to learn guitar from some of the famous guitar artists then Ben Eller is one of the popular YouTubers in the community. He is a professional guitarist and offers his viewers a wide range of guitar lessons, reviews on gears, and demonstrates many other elements of guitars.

If you’re a beginner learner in a guitar then you might find the lessons a bit hard and complex because the lessons that Ben Eller offers to his viewers are towards intermediate and advanced guitarists, but if you want to start through tough lessons then you can at least try.

Ben Eller covers a wide range of guitar lessons and pushes his viewers out of their comfort zone and makes them learn something new and fresh. He pushes you out of the territory and places you somewhere else.

Pushing young guitarists out of their comfort zone will make the well-rounded guitarist. The lessons that Ben puts on his guitar are well-produced and even the quality of the video is perfect for guitar learners and will help the students to learn more through visuals.


Everyone who has tried to grab some lessons through YouTube is familiar with this name. No matter how beginner or intermediate level you are, his lessons will always be effective because Tomo Fujita is also well known as one of the best education content creators on YouTube.

Well, if you have no idea who Tomo Fujita is then don’t worry because he is one of the best guitar teachers on YouTube. Not only on YouTube but he is also a professor at Berklee College of Music since 1993. If you don’t believe in his skills then what do you think about the skills of John Mayer?

Isn’t his guitar skills majestic? Well, it is because John Mayer was a student of Tomo Fujita. On his YouTube channel, you can find some of the best guitar lessons, and those lessons are mostly targeted at advanced guitarists.

Even if you are a beginner or intermediate-level player, you can gather lots of information through his channel and his learning style can be really beneficial for you as well.

His channel is filled with a library of guitar lessons, He offers a wide range of lessons to his students and most of them are primarily music theory-oriented. Tomo takes out the root of the music and helps you to apply some of the best methods to your playing style.

You can find a variety of lessons on his channel and each of them is filled with different technique-based lessons and he provides the root lessons on this topic. If you start to practice each of these lessons and master it then you’ll also start to play like John Mayer in no time.


If you’re a guitarist who is into metal roofs and rock music then getting lessons from BRENTH just might be the perfect idea for you. If you’re trying to learn some difficult riffs and techniques on your guitar then he is just the right person to approach.

BERNTH channel will help you to grow your metal techniques in your guitar and in no time you’ll be one of the most skilled heavy metal guitar players. The teacher behind this platform is an Austrian guitarist and not just homemade, he has graduated from the Vienna Music Institute. He is a professional guitarist who has toured various places with the band Belphegor.

Once you go visit his channel, the amount of information you’ll find from his channel is priceless. When it comes to technique, his channel is best at it, and his channels have tons of techniques that will help you to unlock many skillful playing abilities.

With his incredible learning style, in no time you’ll learn sweep picking. The skills and the library of knowledge you’ll get after watching his lessons are more than enough to start your metal guitar journey, and the interesting part, it is absolutely free.

Michael Palmisano

Michael Palmisano is a professional guitarist and he is best at analyzing your favorite guitarist. So, if you want to take the analysis detail on your favorite performance then you need to take a look at his channel.

The lessons Michael provides on his YouTube channel might not look considerable looking at other channels, but the other channels are there to give you detail and the basic lessons on the guitar, they don’t break down live performances but Micahel does.

Michael is best at doing analysis, and he frequently keeps breaks down the live performances and analyzes the music. The regularity he does on his channel is insane that’s why he is loved by the community.

Learning lessons from Michael will help you to boost your guitar style and you’ll start to play and upgrade your guitar style in no time. In lessons, you often learn one thing and you’re too busy with that, but when we do an analysis of the guitar, it’ll help you to understand the deep roots of them and you’ll easily understand the concept of the lesson.

He analyzes guitar but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t teach any lessons at all. He also frequently posts guitar lessons and his channel is useful in various ways to all guitarists. If you like the way he teaches and you want to learn more then you might want to check out his Guitar Gate community, which will teach you the key elements to becoming a better guitarist.

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