Pete Townshend On His Relationship With The Who Manager, ‘I Wasn’t Homosexual’

In a recent interview, Pete Townshend, the creator of The Who discussed his feelings on the band’s management and their relationship.

The rock star spoke with Financial Times about writing songs with The Who and his connection with Kit Lambert, their manager, who the publication described as “an upper-class gay man with a glamorously raffish Chelsea lifestyle.” Townshend articulated his emotions:

“I loved Kit. I wasn’t homosexual, I didn’t have any homoerotic feelings, and I wasn’t sexually attracted to him, but I really wanted him to be sexually attracted to me and he wasn’t.”

‘The Who Were Difficult to Create Music For’

It seems that the group’s dynamics were strained within, notwithstanding its accomplishments. According to Townshend, it was difficult to write music for The Who. The rock star discussed the difficulties of being a member of the band in the same interview:

“I don’t remember us ever going into a studio and having discussions about what we were going to play. I expected the demos to be honoured as though they were written on manuscript paper. This is the definitive version of this song, and I want it to sound like that.”

The Who were unique, even if the band was challenging to deal with. Keith Moon’s technique, according to Townshend, is anarchic, unmusical, and ornamental; it sounds like a gong section of a symphony orchestra with plenty of drums, tam-tams, and no rhythm. According to John Entwistle, the bass guitar was invented and turned into a lead guitar. Townshend also recognized the vocal development of Roger Daltrey.


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