Pete Townshend ‘Accidentally’ Reveals Elton John’s New Secret Project

On July 8, Elton John wrapped off his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour and announced his retirement from performing. Nevertheless, the 76-year-old singer is still performing, according to Pete Townshend, and is preparing the release of a brand-new record. The guitarist recently talked with Clash Music and shared:

“Elton is so fraught with loss at not knowing what to do next. He’s just gone over to LA to make an album with Brandi Carlile. They made an album together in two weeks. He says it’s one of the best things they’ve ever done.”

Is This A Secret That Was Spoiled?

As of right now, neither Brandi Carlile nor Elton John have made any formal announcements regarding any upcoming projects. Whether Townshend broke a well-kept secret or not is unknown, but the information was revealed while he was discussing his strong connection with the vocalist of “Rocket Man”:

“He appears on Facetime every other morning… often when I’m in bed! ‘Hello, it’s Elton!’ He’s great company. And he’s very smart. But he’s also a wonderful musicologist, you really keep some with what’s new. See, when he attaches onto somebody, he’s sincere about it; I still find myself pretending to like people that I’m not sure that I like because they appear to be unbelievably cool.”

The Singer Confirmed Another Project

John had been quiet about his partnership with Brandi Carlile, but a few months ago, he made an announcement about a new record. As he introduced friend and songwriting collaborator Bernie Taupin to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in November at the Barclays Center, he addressed the assembly, saying:

“We’ve just finished an album in Los Angeles, which is going to surprise the s**t out of you.”

Next, he made the following album-related comment:

“It’s absolutely wonderful, and it’s full of youth, and it’s full of vitality. It’s a wonderful place to be after we’ve been together for 56 years.”

The interview with Pete Townshend is available here.

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