Paul McCartney Told A Secret About ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds’ To Taylor Swift

The timeless allure of The Beatles‘ classic, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” continues to captivate audiences with its enigmatic aura. Paul McCartney, one of the song’s architects, recently unveiled a captivating secret to none other than Taylor Swift. What transpired in this exchange not only highlighted McCartney’s unique approach to crafting the song but also drew parallels to Swift’s methodology in songwriting. Furthermore, John Lennon chimed in to dispel a common misconception surrounding the song’s meaning.

In a candid 2020 interview with Rolling Stone, Swift and McCartney engaged in a revealing dialogue about their creative processes. Swift bared her soul about her songwriting, confessing a penchant for incorporating her favorite, less mainstream words into her lyrics. Words like “marzipan,” “divorcée,” “elegies,” and “epiphany” found a home in her songs, drawn from extensive lists and inspired by perusing books.

McCartney then dropped a fascinating tidbit, disclosing that he included the word “kaleidoscope” in “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” simply because he liked it. This revelation cast a radiant light on the mysterious lyric featuring “kaleidoscope eyes” in the song. Swift, elated by this revelation, enthusiastically exclaimed, “‘Kaleidoscope’ is one of [my favorite words]!” She went on to share that she had incorporated the word into her song, “Welcome to New York,” from the “1989” album.

As the discussion unfolded, McCartney delved into his songwriting philosophy, underscoring the significance of words in conveying meaningful messages. He expressed a genuine desire to create songs that provide solace and inspiration to those facing challenges. “I often feel like I’m writing to someone who is not doing so well,” he explained, emphasizing the therapeutic potential of music.

Contrary to popular belief, John Lennon, in a 1980 interview, clarified that “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” was not a veiled reference to drugs, despite the song’s initials spelling out “LSD.” Lennon revealed that the song drew inspiration from a passage in Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking-Glass,” where Alice embarks on a boat ride. He explained that the song reflected his longing for a woman who would bring salvation, a sentiment later associated with Yoko Ono, his future wife.

In essence, McCartney’s revelation to Taylor Swift regarding “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” not only unveiled his affinity for language and wordplay but also showcased the shared ethos of both artists. Through their respective musical journeys, McCartney and Swift aim to forge connections with listeners on a profound level, using the evocative power of words and music to offer comfort and inspiration.

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