Ozzy Osbourne wouldn’t reboot TV show in “a million years”

Ozzy Osbourne has made it clear that he has no plans to bring The Osbournes back to television. In a recent podcast episode, the whole family talked about the experience and the effect reality television had on their mental health.

The world’s favorite rock and roll family has been the subject of a plethora of material and updates from The Osbournes Podcast. Ozzy and his family, Sharon, Jack, and Kelly have talked about a wide range of topics thus far, including real crime, “Karens,” and ketamine. However, the family discusses their iconic TV program in the most recent episode, which aired on November 21st.

The family talked candidly about their well-liked reality program from the 2000s, which ran on MTV from 2002 to 2005. Reboots have been demanded by fans since the conclusion of the program. However, the family acknowledged on the show that they would never want to repeat it.

Jack Osbourne’s question on whether the program had a “positive or negative effect on everyone’s mental health” sparked the discussion.

Kelly Osbourne claimed the reality program was only a platform for others to criticize them and claimed it had a “massive negative effect.” She said, “It made me so insecure.”

But Ozzy appeared to see things differently. According to him, the program offers the “best diary” for reuniting with the family’s future generations.

However, every member of the family expressed dissatisfaction with the intrusiveness of the TV broadcast and acknowledged being embarrassed by its content. Ozzy said that he was unable to “pick my nose and squeeze a zit” without someone recording him.

The family also talked about how much of the program was made up. According to Jack Osbourne, things got “unreal” when the family was made to go on excursions or partake in activities they wouldn’t normally do for the cameras.

Jack Osbourne said, “That’s why I don’t think we’ll ever do another season.” Ozzy also added, “It won’t happen again. Never in a million years.”



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