Interesting Facts About Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, is a name synonymous with music, entertainment, and cultural impact. While his music and dance moves have left an indelible mark on the world, there are lesser-known facets of his life that contribute to the fascinating tapestry of his legacy.

From attempting to play Spider-Man to his unexpected purchases and accolades, here are some intriguing facts that provide a deeper insight into the life of this iconic artist.

This article delves into intriguing aspects of Michael Jackson’s life that go beyond his musical prowess and delve into his unique personality.

Full Name Michael Joseph Jackson
Date of Birth August 29, 1958
Place of Birth Gary, Indiana, USA
Date of Death June 25, 2009
Place of Death Los Angeles, California, USA
Known As King of Pop
Genres Pop, soul, funk, rock, disco
Early Career Member of The Jackson 5 (1964 – Early 1970s)
Breakthrough Album “Off the Wall” (1979)
Notable Albums “Thriller” (1982), “Bad” (1987), “Dangerous” (1991), “HIStory” (1995), “Invincible” (2001)
Notable Singles “Billie Jean”, “Beat It”, “Thriller”, “Black or White”, “Smooth Criminal”, “You Are Not Alone”
Awards 13 Grammy Awards, Grammy Legend Award, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and many more
Major Achievements Best-selling album of all time (“Thriller”), inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, recognized as the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records
Philanthropy Supported various charities including children’s hospitals, disaster relief, and HIV/AIDS research
Controversies Faced legal challenges related to child molestation allegations; settled some out of court, and was acquitted in a high-profile 2005 trial
Personal Life Married twice (Lisa Marie Presley, Debbie Rowe). Father to three children: Prince, Paris, and Blanket
Legacy Continues to influence artists across genres; posthumous works and tributes continue to celebrate his impact on music and culture

Shamone Was Invented By Michael Jackson In Bad

You’ve likely encountered the term “shamone” in Jackson’s clips or parodies, but did you know he invented it? The term is featured in the song “Bad,” paying homage to Mavis Staples, a soul legend. It also serves as an alternative expression for “come on.”

He Wanted To Emulate Fred Astaire

Jackson’s admiration for Fred Astaire led him to mimic the legendary dancer’s moves, contributing to some of his most iconic routines. This emulation played a pivotal role in shaping Jackson’s distinctive dance style.

Michael Jackson Was Inspired By Charlie Chaplin

Michael Jackson young

Charlie Chaplin, a silent film star known for his “The Tramp” persona, deeply influenced Jackson. His inspiration from Chaplin’s acting and creativity added a unique dimension to Jackson’s own performances.

Multiple Figures Were Created For Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds didn’t just immortalize Jackson with one figure; he boasts multiple figures across their global museums. This tribute underscores Jackson’s monumental impact on music and culture.

He Helped Mainstream The Robot Dance

Jackson’s appearance on Soul Train in 1974, as part of the Jackson 5, propelled the robot dance into mainstream popularity. These moves later became an integral part of pop culture and his solo performances.

Michael Jackson Brought Llamas To The Recording Studio

Known for his love of animals, Jackson’s attachment to llamas extended to the recording studio. He famously brought his llamas, Louis and Lola, during his collaboration with Freddie Mercury in 1983, adding a unique touch to the music-making process.

Michael Jackson Suffered from Vitiligo but embraced it.

Contrary to misconceptions, Jackson’s change in skin tone wasn’t a rejection of his identity. He had Vitiligo, a condition causing depigmentation. His struggle with media speculation about his appearance reveals the challenges he faced.

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Jackson was a philanthropist

Beyond his musical talents, Jackson’s philanthropy was remarkable. He donated over $500 million to various causes, with much of it remaining anonymous. His dedication to charity earned him recognition in the Guinness World Records.

He Used To Sleep In A Hyperbaric Chamber

To maintain his youthful appearance, Jackson slept in a hyperbaric chamber for years. Despite his unconventional approach, he later donated the chamber to a California hospital for burn treatments.

He Was A Pioneer At Addressing Political And Social Issues In Music

Jackson’s music wasn’t just catchy; it was impactful. He addressed political and social issues, contributing to the mainstream acknowledgment of crucial topics that other artists later tackled.

He Was Supposed To Be In The World Trade Center On 9/11

Unbeknownst to many, Jackson narrowly missed the tragic events of 9/11 due to oversleeping. His scheduled meeting in the World Trade Center never came to pass.

His Hair Caught Fire And He Was Severely Burned

In a fateful Pepsi commercial shoot in 1984, Jackson’s hair caught fire, resulting in significant burns. This incident led to a legal settlement in which Pepsi compensated him $1.5 million.

Michael Jackson Wore Wigs To Cover Burns On His Head

To conceal the bald spot and scars from his burn incident, Jackson began wearing wigs in 1984. This choice became a trademark element of his appearance.

Michael Jackson Donated $1.5 Million To A Hospital After His Burn Incident

Jackson’s philanthropy extended to the hospital that treated his burns. The $1.5 million he received from Pepsi was donated to Brotman Medical Center, showcasing his gratitude.

Brotman Medical Center Renamed Burn Unit After Michael Jackson

As a testament to his generosity, the burn unit at Brotman Medical Center was renamed the Michael Jackson Burn Center after his significant donation. His legacy of giving back lives on.

Attempting to Swing as Spider-Man

In the late 1990s, during a period when Marvel Comics faced financial troubles, Michael Jackson expressed interest in purchasing the company to reimagine Spider-Man according to his vision. What’s even more surprising is that he intended to take on the role of Spider-Man himself. Despite facing resistance from fans and production leads, Jackson’s creative ambitions were apparent.

Posthumous Net Worth Surge

Michael Jackson’s net worth soared to an astounding $2.1 billion after his passing in 2009. This surge can be attributed to his status as a collectible celebrity.

Devoted fans continue to acquire memorabilia associated with him, including his iconic red suit and white gloves. These items, sold at private auctions, fetch significant sums and contribute to his enduring financial influence.

The Audition That Wasn’t

Even the King of Pop had aspirations beyond music. Jackson auditioned for the role of Professor X in an X-Men film, showcasing his interest in the comic book genre. Despite his efforts, he wasn’t chosen for the role. This fact adds a layer of curiosity to his versatile artistic ambitions.

The Curious Purchase of Elephant Man’s Remains

In a peculiar move, Michael Jackson purchased the remains of Joseph Merrick, famously known as the Elephant Man. Jackson was drawn to Merrick’s story and saw beauty beyond his deformities.

Allegedly spending hours with Merrick’s skeleton, this uncommon connection sheds light on Jackson’s complex and compassionate nature.

Dance Mishap and Nasal Transformations

During a 1979 dance rehearsal shortly after the release of “Off The Wall,” Jackson broke his nose. This incident marked a turning point, triggering a series of nose jobs that became synonymous with his changing appearance.

The broken nose necessitated corrective surgery and set in motion his transformation through plastic surgery.

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Presidential Recognition

Michael Jackson’s impact extended to the realm of presidential recognition. He received three distinct awards from different U.S. Presidents. His song “Beat It” featured in an anti-drunk driving advertisement, leading to the Presidential Public Safety award from Ronald Reagan.

George Bush acknowledged him as the Artist of the Decade, and he received a unique Point of Light Ambassador award for his philanthropic efforts.

The Early Beginnings

The journey of a superstar often starts with humble beginnings. Jackson’s first performance was as part of the Jackson 5, a group formed in 1964 when he was just five years old. This early start laid the foundation for his future success as a solo artist and global icon.

A Pricey Oscar Acquisition

In 1999, Michael Jackson paid $1.54 million to acquire the Oscar Award won by David Selznick for “Gone With The Wind.” This extravagant purchase reflects Jackson’s inclination to own historical artifacts that hold significance in the world of entertainment.

A Beatles Catalog Owner

Jackson’s strategic investments extended to music publishing rights. His $47.5 million acquisition in 1985 included rights to over 200 songs by The Beatles. This decision, suggested by Paul McCartney, adds an intriguing twist to his connection with the legendary band.

Admiration for a Claymation Character

Amidst his musical achievements, Jackson held an unexpected affection for the character Morph from the claymation children’s cartoon “Take Hart.” This unique interest showcases his multifaceted personality and childlike wonder.

Moonwalk: An Autobiographical Journey

In 1988, Jackson released his autobiography titled “Moonwalk.” The book delved into his upbringing, experiences with the Jackson 5, and even the hardships he faced, including abuse from his father. This candid account resonated with readers, propelling the book to the top of the New York Times Bestseller list.

In conclusion, Michael Jackson’s influence transcended music, leaving a lasting impact on culture and society. His innovation, resilience, and philanthropy shaped a legacy that continues to inspire artists and individuals worldwide.

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