26 Elvis Presley Facts You Didn’t Know

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley has left an indelible mark on music history. While his melodies continue to enchant listeners worldwide, there are some intriguing aspects of his life that often remain hidden in the shadows.

In this article, we’re delving into the fascinating world of Elvis Presley, unearthing lesser-known facts that define the legend. Join us on a journey to uncover the man behind the music, as we present intriguing Elvis Presley facts that will surely amaze you.

1. Elvis: A Lyricist He Was Not

Elvis Presley’s musical genius was undeniable, yet not many realized that he didn’t pen his own songs. Instead, a cadre of skilled songwriters crafted his musical legacy.

While he covered music from various artists, he maintained a unique stipulation: he’d acquire co-writing credit for recorded songs. This ingeniously gave the illusion of him having penned parts of these tunes, though he hadn’t contributed to their creation.

2. Melodic Legacy: Over 600 Songs Recorded

Elvis’s time as a musician was prolific, with a staggering legacy of over 600 recorded tracks. This volume attests to his unwavering dedication and creative output that shaped the musical landscape.

3. Reigning Supreme: Record Holder for Top 40 Hits

Elvis’s chart-topping success is exemplified by his 114 songs gracing the Top 40 charts, a record that remains unbroken to this day. His unmatched ability to capture hearts and conquer charts solidified his status as a music legend.

4. A Heartfelt Tragedy: Elvis’s Twin Brother

In a poignant turn of events, Elvis Presley entered the world with a twin brother, Jesse Gardon. Tragically, Jesse was stillborn. This sorrowful occurrence left a significant impact on Elvis’s life, one that often goes unnoticed amidst his towering achievements.

5. Royal Lineage: Ties to American Presidents

Elvis’s lineage stretches even to the political realm, as he was distantly related to two former American presidents: Jimmy Carter and Abraham Lincoln. These unexpected connections add an intriguing layer to his already complex persona.

6. Across Borders: Limited International Concerts

Despite his global acclaim, Elvis remarkably held concerts beyond American borders only thrice. The Canadian cities of Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa were fortunate to witness his iconic performances.

7. Hidden Hue: Elvis’s Natural Hair Color

Contrary to popular perception, Elvis’s iconic jet-black hair was not his natural shade. He sported a medium brown hue and consistently dyed it to achieve his trademark look.

8. Graceland: A Young Purchase


At a mere 22 years old, Elvis acquired Graceland, the iconic mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. The $102,500 purchase marked the beginning of an era and solidified his connection to the place.

9. Graceland’s Genesis: A Named Abode

Elvis didn’t bestow the name “Graceland” upon his legendary mansion. The moniker had its origins in a 500-acre piece of farmland owned by a man whose daughter, Grace, lent her name to the property. When Elvis purchased the land, he chose to retain this storied name.

10. Strumming Beginnings: Elvis’s First Guitar

Elvis’s journey into music began with a gift on his 11th birthday—a guitar. This significant present set the stage for a musical odyssey that would captivate the world.

11. Battling Bullying: Elvis’s School Days

Elvis young days
Ten-year-old Elvis Presley

Before ascending to stardom, Elvis encountered the cruelty of school bullies. Their actions, including damaging his guitars and throwing rotten fruit, failed to deter his path to greatness.

12. An Unexpected Quirk: Elvis the Germaphobe

Behind the charisma and charm, Elvis harbored a lesser-known trait: he was a germaphobe. His unique approach to drinking from cups adds a quirky layer to his enigmatic personality.

13. Safety Measures: Elvis’s Protective Stance

Elvis’s earlier experiences with bullying might have contributed to his habit of carrying a gun for personal safety. This practice, while unusual, highlights his concerns for his own security.

14. A Voice for Health: Elvis’s Vaccination Advocacy

Long before the current discourse on vaccines, Elvis used his influence to promote vaccination. His public endorsement of the polio vaccine on The Ed Sullivan Show showcased his commitment to public health.

15. The Memphis Mafia: Entourage Fit for a King

Being the King of Rock N’ Roll came with its own circle—Elvis’s entourage, aptly named the Memphis Mafia. Symbolized by gold rings bearing the initials “TCB” (Take Care Of Business), this inner circle encapsulated the essence of Elvis’s regal stature.

16. He Loved Brut Aftershave

Among Elvis’ grooming preferences was his fondness for Brut aftershave. This brand became his go-to choice for aftershave throughout his life and continues to be a popular brand to this day.

17. Elvis Had Only One Child

In the realm of family, Elvis Presley had a single child, his daughter Lisa Marie Presley. The bond between the father and daughter remains a significant aspect of his legacy.

18. All Three Of His Grammy Wins Were For His Gospel Songs

While Elvis achieved numerous musical successes, his Grammy wins were exclusively attributed to his gospel songs. Notably, he received three Grammy awards for his gospel performances, highlighting his diverse talent.

19. Elvis Was On His High School Boxing Team

While Elvis Presley was known for his musical talents, he was also a sports enthusiast during his high school years. Besides his interest in woodshop, he was an active member of the boxing team at Humes High School.

20. Elvis Loved The Bible

Beyond his music, Elvis cherished literature, particularly the Bible. His affinity for the Bible was reflected in his gospel music, revealing the spiritual dimension of his character.

21. He Loved Andy Kaufman’s Impersonation Of Himself

Among the impersonators who paid tribute to Elvis, Andy Kaufman’s portrayal stood out. Elvis admired Kaufman’s comedic rendition of himself, showcasing his ability to appreciate humor even about his own persona.

22. Elvis Is In Five Different Hall Of Fame Classes

Elvis’ influence was so profound that he earned his place in not only the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but also in the R&B, Country, Rockabilly, and Country Hall of Fame classes.

23. The Spy Who Loved Me Was The Last Movie He Saw At The Theater

In the realm of entertainment, Elvis enjoyed various films, but “The Spy Who Loved Me” held the distinction of being the last movie he watched in a theater.

24. Elvis Was Just 42 When He Died

Elvis presley death

Tragically, Elvis Presley passed away at the age of 42 at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. His untimely demise marked the end of an era in music history.

25. Elvis Had Multiple Drugs In His System When He Died

While the official cause of Elvis’ death was attributed to a fatal cardiac arrhythmia, a toxicology report unveiled the presence of multiple drugs in his system at the time. This revelation shed light on his struggles with substance use.

26. Someone Attempted To Steal His Coffin

In a bizarre turn of events following Elvis’ death, there was an attempted plot to steal his coffin and demand a ransom for his remains. Thankfully, his family intervened and protected his legacy.

27. Elvis Was First Buried At Forest Hill Cemetery

Initially, Elvis was laid to rest at Forest Hill Cemetery alongside his mother. The attempt to steal his remains prompted his family to relocate his coffin to Graceland, ensuring his final resting place remained secure.


Asset Type Name Estimated Value
Cars Pink Cadillac Estimated $1 million – $2 million (auctioned)
1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II Estimated $300,000 – $500,000 (auctioned)
1960 Cadillac Fleetwood Estimated $100,000 – $200,000 (auctioned)
Private Jets Lisa Marie (Convair 880) Estimated $2 million (at the time of purchase)
Hound Dog II (JetStar) Estimated $900,000 – $1.5 million (auctioned)
Houses Graceland (Memphis, Tennessee) Estimated $20 million (current value, including the mansion and surrounding property)
Circle G Ranch (Mississippi) Estimated $2 million (current value, including land and buildings)
Business Incomes Record Sales and Concert Earnings Estimated hundreds of millions of dollars (over his career)
Merchandising and Licensing Estimated tens of millions of dollars (posthumous)
Movie Earnings Estimated millions of dollars (over his film career)

Elvis Presley’s life was a tapestry woven with extraordinary stories that transcended his musical prowess. From his humble beginnings to his larger-than-life persona, his journey continues to captivate the hearts of generations.

Delving into some of these lesser-known facts has shed light on the multi-dimensional personality behind the King of Rock N’ Roll.

In conclusion, Elvis Presley’s life and legacy are adorned with fascinating facts that offer deeper insights into the man behind the music.

From his early boxing days to his philanthropic gestures, these lesser-known aspects contribute to the multifaceted persona that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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