Kurt Cobain’s Official Autopsy Report Leaked: The Details Of His Death Finally Revealed

Alleged details of Kurt Cobain’s suicide have appeared online thirty years after his death, as a result of the disclosure of his long-secret autopsy report.

Details of the rocker’s suicide are revealed in the autopsy report, which was purportedly released on X by former Los Angeles sheriff’s officer Tom Grant. Cobain was discovered dead in his Seattle residence on April 8, 1994. According to the investigation, he may have shot himself.

Reaction From Fans And The Public

The investigation also notes that Cobain’s system contained a high quantity of narcotics, including heroin and trace amounts of Valium. Fans and the general public have reacted in droves to the revelation. Fans responded to Grant’s message, which featured a download link for the study, with a mixture of appreciation and disbelief. Among them, one said:

“I can’t believe it. This is it. Thanks, Tom, thanks, dearest Tom. Thanks. We can get justice for Kurt finally. Thanks.”

Another one wrote, sharing their thoughts on Kurt’s passing:

“Finally, we can dispel rumors that Kurt had heroin shot up into both arms. Since one had a cotton ball, it was likely from him having blood drawn in rehab.”

Authenticity And Confidentiality Of The Report

Before his tragic death, Cobain battled heroin addiction and persistent depression, both of which were made public. The veracity of this leaked autopsy report hasn’t been confirmed, though. Because the singer’s autopsy was required to be kept private by Washington state law, it was never publicly disclosed at first.


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