Kelly Clarkson & 9-Year-Old Daughter River Rose Are Adorable Singing Together

During Kelly Clarkson’s residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, she shared a special moment with her 9-year-old daughter, River Rose, by performing a duet of her hit song “Heartbeat Song” live on stage. Dressed elegantly, Clarkson and River Rose exchanged smiles as they sang together, with River Rose holding her own during certain parts of the song. The heartwarming duet, captured in a video that went viral, showcased the bond between mother and daughter.

Clarkson revealed that “Heartbeat Song” was River Rose’s favorite, emphasizing her daughter’s confidence on stage during soundcheck. Fans praised the touching moment and Clarkson for encouraging her daughter’s talent. The following night, both River Rose and her 7-year-old brother joined Clarkson for another adorable performance.

River Rose and Remington Alexander are Clarkson’s children from her marriage to Brandon Blackstock. Despite their divorce in 2022, Clarkson and Blackstock remain focused on co-parenting. “Heartbeat Song,” from Clarkson’s album Piece by Piece, achieved commercial success despite some controversy over its similarity to another song, “The Middle,” by Jimmy Eat World. However, the issue was resolved amicably, with no changes to the songwriting credits.

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