John Lennon Wanted To Write With Paul McCartney Again After Beatles Split

Recent revelations about John Lennon‘s earnest desire to reignite the songwriting flame with Paul McCartney have surfaced, casting a captivating spotlight on a pivotal period in rock history.

Amidst the aftermath of The Beatles’ acrimonious breakup and the ensuing infamous feud, a surprising twist emerges from the pages of rock history. The revelation stems from May Pang, who, during Lennon’s temporary separation from Yoko Ono, shared a romantic involvement with the legendary musician.

This intriguing piece of history comes to light in the upcoming documentary, “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story,” set to be released later this week. The film delves into what some refer to as Lennon’s “Lost Weekend,” offering a fresh perspective on a phase that may not be as widely understood as previously believed.

During this time, The Beatles had disbanded, and each member was charting their musical course. Despite their successes, Pang reveals that Lennon entertained the idea of collaborating once again with his former songwriting partner, Paul McCartney, the duo that stands as arguably the most commercially successful in history.

In a conversation with USA Today, Pang recalls a pivotal moment that showcased Lennon’s eagerness to revive the creative synergy with his fellow ex-Beatle. In January 1975, when Paul and Linda McCartney were planning to work on a new album in New Orleans, a city Lennon had always cherished, he expressed a genuine interest in meeting them there.

He’s tinkling on the guitar, and he goes, ‘What do you think if I wrote with Paul again?” Pang recounts. The suggestion took her by surprise, given the history of animosity between the two. However, she responded positively, saying,I think it would be great.

Lennon, not stopping at the idea, proposed the notion of heading down to New Orleans together to kickstart the collaboration. Pang asserts that “He really wanted to do that,” expressing her belief that if the circumstances had aligned, the collaboration could have materialized.

Despite the unfulfilled aspiration to write with McCartney again, this untold story adds a unique layer to The Beatles’ narrative. While the collaboration never came to pass, Lennon and McCartney eventually reconciled, burying the hatchet and rekindling a friendship before Lennon’s tragic death in 1980.

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