Jimmy Page Was Disappointed Performing With Dave Grohl

In the dynamic realm of rock music, collaborations often birth unforgettable moments. A standout example unfolded in 2008 when the Foo Fighters graced the stage at Wembley Stadium, accompanied by none other than two titans of Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page. For Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl, this night fulfilled a lifelong dream, as he had always harbored the desire to perform with the legendary Led Zeppelin.

The collaborative magic at Wembley resonated, leaving an enduring impact on both the performers and the audience. Dave Grohl, propelled by the exhilarating experience, found himself exploring further collaboration possibilities with Jones and Page. The outcome was the formation of the supergroup Them Crooked Vultures in 2009, featuring Grohl, Jones, and Josh Homme. Yet, as we delve into the narrative, nuances emerge regarding the extent of involvement from all members of Led Zeppelin in this subsequent musical venture.

Jimmy Page, Reflecting on Them Crooked Vultures

In June 2020, Jimmy Page offered a poignant recollection of the 2008 Wembley performance on his Instagram. He reminisced about the show, where Grohl extended an invitation for Page and Jones to join Foo Fighters in the United States for recording. Optimistic about the prospect, Page revealed that communication gradually waned after this exchange. Page expressed surprise upon discovering the formation of Them Crooked Vultures, indicating an expectation of an offer from Grohl based on their earlier discussions.

Page’s Instagram caption sheds light on his perspective: “…I was asked to play with the Foo Fighters at Wembley. Dave Grohl said: ‘You guys should come to the States and record with us.’ I didn’t hear anything more from Grohl, and John Paul Jones. Communications seemed to dim. The next I heard, they were promoting their new group.”

Notwithstanding the perceived lack of follow-up, Page conveyed this revelation without apparent resentment.

Dave Grohl’s Version of Events

Dave Grohl, however, offers a different narrative of the events surrounding the Wembley performance. Foo Fighters’ inaugural appearance at Wembley in 2007 left an indelible mark, and Grohl jovially promised the ecstatic crowd they would return the following year. True to his word, the band did return, this time bringing along the iconic members of Led Zeppelin.

In Grohl’s recollection, he expressed immense excitement and nervousness. His admiration for Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones was palpable as he described the surreal experience of sharing the stage with them: “Just being eight feet away from Jimmy Page as he played this classic song and shredded these classic leads is just so hard to explain. It’s almost as if I had fallen into a Led Zeppelin movie or something; it didn’t even feel real.”

Contrary to Page’s perception, Grohl’s comments suggest genuine awe and appreciation for the opportunity.

Ultimately, while the perspectives of Jimmy Page and Dave Grohl differ, the Wembley Stadium performance remains etched in the annals of rock history as a momentous collaboration that seamlessly brought together two generations of musical brilliance.

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