Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Announces Seventh Solo Album and Tour Dates

In a much-anticipated move, the iconic frontman of Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson, has recently unveiled exciting details about his upcoming solo album, marking his return to the music scene after 19 years with ‘The Mandrake Project.’

Scheduled for release in early 2024 under BMG Records, ‘The Mandrake Project’ is Dickinson’s seventh solo endeavor. Produced in collaboration with his longtime musical partner, Roy Z, this album promises to be a remarkable addition to Bruce Dickinson’s already impressive discography.

‘The Mandrake Project’ comes as a breath of fresh air for fans who have been patiently waiting for new solo material from Bruce Dickinson since ‘Tyranny of Souls’ was released in 2005. The album has been a labor of love, with Dickinson and Roy Z investing years of creativity and dedication into its production.

While the details about the content of ‘The Mandrake Project’ are currently shrouded in secrecy, Bruce Dickinson offers a glimpse into his excitement and passion for the project. “This album has been a very personal journey for me, and I am extremely proud of it,” he shares. “Roy Z and I have been planning, writing, and recording it for years, and I am very excited for people to finally hear it. I’m even more excited at the prospect of getting out on the road with this amazing band that we have put together, to be able to bring it to life.”

In addition to the album, Bruce Dickinson is all set to embark on ‘The Mandrake Project Tour.’ The first wave of tour dates has already been confirmed, with performances scheduled in Mexico and Brazil in the spring of 2024. Dickinson’s enthusiasm for taking his music to his fans shines through as he says, “We’re planning to play as many shows as we can in as many places as possible, for as many people as we can!”

While the exact nature of ‘The Mandrake Project’ remains shrouded in mystery, fans can expect nothing less than a stellar performance from Bruce Dickinson and his band during these concerts. Dickinson’s energy and charisma on stage are legendary, and this tour promises to be a memorable experience for all attendees.

Roy Z, whose real name is Roy Ramirez, is a familiar name to fans of Bruce Dickinson. He previously played guitar on Dickinson’s 1994 album ‘Balls to Picasso’ and went on to produce, co-write, and perform multiple instruments on Bruce’s last three solo albums, namely ‘Accident at Birth’ (1997), ‘The Chemical Wedding’ (1998), and ‘Tyranny of Souls.’ His collaboration with Dickinson has consistently resulted in musical magic, making ‘The Mandrake Project’ highly anticipated.

Tour Dates

Here are the confirmed tour dates for ‘The Mandrake Project Tour’:

18th April – Diana Theater, Guadalajara, Mexico
20th April – Pepsi Theatre, Mexico City, Mexico
24th April – Live Curitiba, Curitiba, Brazil
25th April – Pepsi On Stage, Porto Alegre, Brazil
27th April – Opera Hall, Brasilia, Brazil
28th April – Arena Hall, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
30th April – Qualistage, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
2nd May – Quinta Linda, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil
4th May – Vibra, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The return of Bruce Dickinson with ‘The Mandrake Project’ is a cause for celebration among rock and metal music enthusiasts worldwide. With his rich history of creating timeless music, his upcoming album and tour are bound to be nothing short of extraordinary. While the details about ‘The Mandrake Project’ are closely guarded, the anticipation and excitement surrounding this release are palpable. Fans can hardly wait to experience Bruce Dickinson’s musical prowess once again, and ‘The Mandrake Project Tour’ is sure to be a spectacular journey through his iconic career. Stay tuned for more updates as all will be revealed soon!

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