Garth Brooks’ Daughter Stuns with a Keith Whitley Hit

Garth Brooks isn’t the only one in his family with a knack for country music; his youngest daughter, Allie, is swiftly carving out her own niche in the genre. Inspired and mentored by her father, Allie Brooks is capturing hearts with her enchanting country sound, rapidly gathering a following of her own.

On her official Facebook page, Allie delights fans by sharing her renditions of classic country songs, showing a particular fondness for tunes from yesteryears. Among these, Keith Whitley’s 1988 classic “Don’t Close Your Eyes” holds a special place in her heart.

Garth Brooks, too, has paid homage to Keith Whitley’s timeless hit. At the 50th CMA Awards in 2016, alongside Trisha Yearwood, Brooks delivered a stirring medley of country hits that included “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” moving the audience, especially as the camera panned to Whitley’s widow, Lorrie Morgan, visibly touched by the tribute.

For those interested in experiencing the memorable performances from the 50th CMA Awards, a video is available on YouTube:

Allie Brooks has made it known that “Don’t Close Your Eyes” is her all-time favorite, a sentiment she expressed in a heartfelt post in 2015. Alongside her cover of the song, she shared her hopes of doing justice to the beloved track.

Judging by her performance, shared on her Facebook page, Allie has more than lived up to her own expectations. Despite the video’s modest quality, Allie’s rendition stands out for its purity and emotional depth. Accompanied by her acoustic guitar, her voice carries the song’s essence beautifully, inviting listeners into a moment of raw sentimentality and showcasing her genuine talent.

Check out Allie’s performance of “Don’t Close Your Eyes:”

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