Blake Shelton says his career has taken ‘a backseat’ to his marriage with Gwen Stefani: ‘It’s just a new phase of my life’

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Blake Shelton shared insights into how his marriage to Gwen Stefani has become his top priority, taking precedence over his music career and other professional endeavors. The 46-year-old country star and the 52-year-old pop icon exchanged vows last year, a significant milestone following their initial encounter on the set of “The Voice,” where both served as coaches.

Shelton emphasized the importance of family over his work, stating, “I love all the cool things I get to do…but those things all take a backseat now to Gwen and the kids. It’s just a new phase of my life.” He also expressed the creative freedom he enjoys in his career, thanks to the support from his record label, allowing him to release music on his own schedule. “I’m having fun putting out songs when I feel like it, and luckily the record label allows me to do that,” Shelton remarked.

Reflecting on the unexpected turn of events that led him to Stefani, Shelton humorously recalled his initial lack of awareness about her Orange County roots, highlighting how far removed his earlier self would have been from imagining their future together. He also acknowledged the boost his television career, particularly his role on “The Voice,” gave to his music career by introducing him to audiences who were previously unfamiliar with his work.

Blake Shelton’s romantic journey with Gwen Stefani began against the backdrop of their professional lives intersecting on “The Voice” in 2014. Before finding each other, both artists experienced marriages that ultimately ended in divorce. Shelton was married to Kaynette Gern and later to Miranda Lambert, while Stefani shared her life with Gavin Rossdale, with whom she has three sons.

Their paths eventually converged, leading to their relationship becoming public in November 2015. Following a heartfelt engagement in 2020, Shelton and Stefani celebrated their love with a wedding ceremony on Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch in July of the following year, marking the beginning of their new life together as a married couple.

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