Freddie Mercury’s First-Ever Video Reveals A Stunning Detail About His Personality

Recently, what appears to be the first-ever video of Freddie Mercury appeared online. The post’s owner claims that one of Mercury’s pals at Isleworth Polytechnic in 1964 took the video during his first semester there. Mercury came to London, England, with his family during the Zanzibar Revolution.

In the footage, he is seen to cover his teeth in a shy manner, emerging as a stunning detail about him. During the videos, he never smiles with his mouth wide open and appears more shy than the rest of the people in the footage.

Why Freddie Mercury Never Fixed His Teeth

The Mesiodens syndrome, which causes extra teeth, is an uncommon disorder that gave Freddie Mercury his signature grin. His top teeth were forced forward due to overcrowding caused by the four additional incisors positioned below his natural ones. But many noticed how noticeable his front teeth were.

Freddie never got orthodontic treatment, even though his teeth caused him to have problems with self-esteem. This even made Brian May think about rejecting him since he was worried about the band’s reputation. Freddie’s vocal range did, however, end up winning praise.

Freddie had mental distress associated with his teeth all of his childhood, earning him monikers like “Bucky.” Given that his overbite and additional teeth were essential to his four-octave vocal range, Freddie thought that his distinctive dental traits added to his abilities.

The video is accessible here.

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