Founding ASKING ALEXANDRIA Guitarist BEN BRUCE Leaves The Band

In a heartfelt announcement, Ben Bruce, the visionary founding guitarist and backing vocalist of Asking Alexandria, has officially parted ways with the band. Bruce conveyed his decision through a poignant statement, expressing his desire to prioritize family time and embrace a more active role in his personal life, rather than being consumed by the demands of his musical career.

The journey began in 2006 when Bruce laid the foundation for Asking Alexandria, contributing his musical prowess to every project the band has undertaken to date. However, in a sincere reflection on the evolution of his life, Bruce acknowledged the paramount importance of time and the fleeting nature of precious moments. He underscored his lifelong dedication to music, a passion cultivated since the tender age of 2, and the incredible odyssey he has experienced.

In a message directed to the dedicated AAFamily, Bruce extended his deepest gratitude for the unwavering love and support received throughout the years. He recognized the profound impact music has had on his life but expressed a compelling need to redirect his focus towards family matters, particularly in the face of medical situations.

Leaving no room for regret, Bruce candidly admitted that being absent from his children’s pivotal life moments was an untenable sacrifice. The decision to step away from Asking Alexandria was not taken lightly, as he contemplated the delicate balance between his career and familial responsibilities. Bruce emphasized the importance of being present for his growing children and providing the support that his family requires during challenging times.

The heartfelt message concluded with expressions of gratitude to the fans who have attended live performances and embraced the songs he contributed to over the years. Bruce assured that the memories forged during his time with Asking Alexandria would forever reside in his heart, professing genuine love and appreciation for the steadfast support received from the fans and the band’s community. The heartfelt departure marks the end of an era for Asking Alexandria, and fans worldwide join in wishing Ben Bruce all the best in his new chapter dedicated to family and personal fulfillment.

Founding ASKING ALEXANDRIA Guitarist BEN BRUCE Leaves The Band

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