Five musicians who hated Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses occupies a unique space in the annals of rock history—a band revered for their groundbreaking music yet often mired in controversy due to the antics of their tempestuous frontman. With a catalog boasting chart-topping hits and performances that have electrified audiences worldwide, they’ve left an indelible mark on the music scene. However, their journey has been punctuated by clashes with fellow musicians, reflecting the rebellious spirit inherent in rock culture.

Rock stars, by nature, are outspoken and unapologetically themselves. It’s a world where opinions are as loud as the guitar riffs, and feuds are as legendary as the anthems they produce. Guns N’ Roses, with their audacious attitude, have managed to rub many in the industry the wrong way, often sparking personal vendettas that reverberate through the halls of rock history.

Take David Bowie, for example. His disdain for Axl Rose stemmed from an incident at The Cathouse, where Rose’s brash behavior led to a confrontation that left Bowie walking out in defiance. Slash later revealed that Rose’s ire was fueled by allegations of Bowie making advances toward his girlfriend—a clash of egos that epitomized the volatile nature of the rock world.

Similarly, the animosity between Guns N’ Roses and Nirvana was palpable. Kurt Cobain, a staunch advocate for feminism, clashed with Rose over the band’s perceived sexist lyrics. Rose’s admiration for Nirvana only fueled Cobain’s disdain, leading to a rift between the two bands that played out in the public eye.

Even Dave Grohl, now a rock icon in his own right, found himself entangled in the drama. Axl Rose’s persistent attempts to recruit Nirvana for a tour with Guns N’ Roses only fueled Grohl’s resolve to distance himself from the controversy, leading to a war of words that echoed through the corridors of rock lore.

Corey Taylor, known for his outspoken nature, also found himself at odds with Axl Rose. His encounter with Rose backstage at a festival led to a provocative act of defiance—a symbolic gesture that underscored the simmering tensions between the two musicians.

And then there were those like James Hetfield and Jon Bon Jovi, who harbored their own grievances against Guns N’ Roses. Hetfield’s disdain for Rose’s behavior on tour highlighted the clash of egos that often overshadowed the music, while Bon Jovi’s criticism spoke to a broader disillusionment with the band’s image and attitude.

In the tumultuous world of rock, feuds are as much a part of the narrative as the music itself. Guns N’ Roses, with their larger-than-life persona and uncompromising attitude, have left an indelible imprint on the genre—one that continues to stir debate and intrigue among fans and fellow musicians alike.

Five musicians that hated Guns N’ Roses:

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