30+ Easy Love Songs to play on Guitar

Love songs are one of the materials that connects straight to our hearts. The melodies, lyrics, and the emotion of such moments hit us right straight into our hearts. Such kinds of songs give us a peaceful moment and help us be calm. If you also want to learn some love songs on guitar then don’t worry! We have the perfect suggestion for you.

Love songs with the melody of the guitar always give us peaceful moments and fill our hearts with emotions. Love songs are the best way to you express your songs to your significant one, but the best way to express is by playing the song yourself.

For those who want to play a love song on their guitar to their significant one but having a problem with choosing then don’t worry! You’ve arrived at the correct place. Without any delay, let’s jump straight into the topic and discuss some of the easy guitar lessons you can learn!

1. Can’t Help Falling in Love

Artist: Elvis Presley

Can’t help falling in Love has been one of the romantic songs that were released away back in 1961. The song is just the perfect one to express your emotions to your partner. Well, if you’re worried about the guitar lesson of it then don’t even sweat.

Can’t Help Falling in Love is the perfect song that is romantic and also easy at the same moment. It has the perfect beginning guitar chords for those who are just learning guitar at the moment. Let’s take a look at the chords.

To play the song you need to use a capo in the 2nd Fret. The tuning of the guitar is standard; E A D B G E. Even the chord of the songs is easy. Such chords like F G Am C. This is one of the simplest and easiest love songs that you’ll find.

2. All Of Me

Artist: John Legend

One of the famous songs of Hon Legen, All of me might be just the perfect song that you might be looking for. It has all the romantic tunes you need and the perfect lyrics for your significant one.

All of Me’s melody will hit straight into your heart and the melodic piano tune will make you cherish your partner. If you are looking to play this song on your guitar then it might just be the perfect one because of how easy the chords are.

This song has easy chords in the intro and in verse such as E minor, C, G, and D. The melody of this song is piano and when you’ll play it on your guitar, you’ll get the same balladic feeling which is the perfect tune for love songs.

John Legend’s All of Me is also an easy valentine’s song. If you’re trying to impress your crush with a balladic feeling but don’t wanna put much effort then this song is just perfect for you!

3. Wonderful Tonight

Artist: Eric Clapton

If you’re looking for a perfect love song to play on your guitar but you want the tune from back in the day then Wonderful Tonight is just the perfect guitar lesson you should consider taking on.

Eric Clapton from Wonder tonight is back in the 70s, and there’s a romantic story behind this song as well. He wrote this song for Pattie Boyd who was going through divorce statements.

If you want to play the same kind of romantic love song for your partner on guitar then Wonderful tonight might just be the perfect option. It even has easy guitar chords such as G, D, C, Em, and G7.

When you’ll play this song on your guitar, you’ll get a calm and romantic feeling. This song portrays the beautiful feelings that you have kept hidden in yourself. The melody and the song lyrics might just be the perfect song that you’re looking to play for her!

4. Perfect

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Now let’s talk about the song that was on the radio of everyone back in 2017. The song was a blockbuster hit and the perfect romantic love song to play on different occasions.

The song was so famous that every wedding, anniversary, or any kind of special occasion had this song on their playlist. If you want to show how much your partner means in your life then, Ed Sheeran’s perfect might just be the ‘perfect’ one for you.

Even the guitar lesson of this song is quite simple and isn’t complicated. The chords are simple such as Em, G, D, C, F#, and Dsus4. Even the strumming pattern from the song is just perfect for beginners.

Perfect might be the missing piece that your partner needs to hear you playing. This love song is perfect because you can fret it or even fingerpick it. It will give you the same angelic melody and your partner will be filled with emotions.

5. A Thousand Years

Artist: Christina Perri

Now let’s take a look at the song that is the most romantic and the favorite love song for most couples. Christina has written this song in a perfect way. The lyrics are so gorgeous and beautiful that you’ll start to imagine yourself and your partner in a Twilight Saga.

The song has a beautiful melody and the perfect chord that will express all the emotions and love you have for your partner. Even the chords of this song are easy and beautiful.

The chords of the song are such as G, Em, Cadd9, D, and Am. The strumming is also easy with the simple standard strumming tune of the guitar. Just the perfect song that you’ll need to play for your partner.

A thousand years of Christina Perri will make you fall in love with the melody and if you want your partner to fall in love just as the way you did then this might be the perfect opportunity.

Learn this easy love song on your guitar, play it for her, and make her fall in love with you. As simple as that.

6. Stand by Me

Artist: Ben E. King

You keep wondering in her thoughts and can’t stop wondering but an amazing future between you two then this song might just be the perfect one for you. This song is best because it has melodies and tunes that will take you back to 1961.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of R&B classic, pop, or soul. Thus melody song will touch your, heart because it is one of the popular songs from back in the day. This love song is elite and the perfect one for you to learn on your guitar.

The strumming is easy and not only it is easy to play, but it will also teach you many things and you’ll be eager to explore more of this song on your guitar. The bass line of that song is spectacular and the perfect one for you to learn fingerstyle.

The slow tempo of this song just might be the perfect one for your love song. Whenever you’ll play its melody on the guitar, you’ll feel like a cold breeze just kissed you in your cheek and left.

7. You’re Beautiful

Artist: James Blunt

James Blunt makes some extraordinary songs and “You’re Beautiful” was truly a gorgeous message for all lovers. The song was a big shot back in 2005 and was on everyone’s playlist. You also might need to put this one in your playlist.

The song is simple and has beautiful pickup lines. It gives you a slow melody and will make you feel like a ballad. Once you’ll start to play this song on your guitar, you’ll dive into its melody and forget about the lyrics and everything else.

The guitar is simple with easy chords such as C, G, Am, F, and B. The melody is so beautiful that it will even make you feel lonely at the same time because James Blunt has portrayed single-sided love in his song.

This is one of the easiest songs you can learn on guitar but be aware because its melody might give you a feeling of heartbreak.

8. It Must Have Been Love

Artist: Roxette

If you’re a fan of metal, or rock types of songs and having difficulty finding the perfect love song which can portray the same kind of melody and tone then congratulations! You just found the gem you were looking for.

It Must Have Been Love was a masterpiece back in 1987 which portrayed a beautiful story where love has no limitations and it doesn’t work with boundaries. This song is the perfect one for beginners as they’ll get a chance to learn soft rock as well.

The chords of this song are simple and only require basic strumming. Chords like G, D, Am, C, and Em, will make you feel comfortable playing the guitar and will give you a soft rock-tone experience.

 9. Fix You

Artist: Coldplay

Another Slow Medoci song that might be perfect for your guitar lesson can be Coldplay’s Fix You. The song was a hit back in 2005, especially because of the history and the romantic story it has behind those lyrics.

The lead singer, Chris had written this song for his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow and now you can sing this song to your amazing partner. This song portrays that you will always be with your partner even at the darkest times, and always support her.

Even the guitar lesson of this song is simple. It has simple chords 4 chords; D, Bm, G, and A, and even the strumming pattern is the basic slow ones.

As you start to learn the song, its melody will hit straight at your heart and you’ll completely fall in love with the song. Fix You is truly a beautiful love song with easy chords to play on guitar.

10. Always On My Mind

Artist: Elvis Presley

Always On My Mind is a love song that is composed by the king of rock n’ roll himself, Elvis Presley. This song really takes you back to the time with its ballad melody and will make you fall in love with it,

The song is gorgeous and even easy to play on your guitar. It has effective lyrics that portray the regrets and suffering you’ll have to face in a relationship. The beautiful melody is just the perfect one you’ll need to learn on your guitar.

The song is beautiful but while learning it the chords might be challenging for you. The chords of the song are G, Dsus, D, Em, C, A7, Am, and D7 the words might look big but the finger positions are easy, you’ll just need to remember its sequel.

This love song is the perfect one to impress your partner or make your crush fall in love with you.

11. Ain’t No Sunshine

Artist: Bill Withers

Ain’t no Sunshine is a beautiful love song from the past days. It has a great melodic tone and portrays the feelings and emotions you feel toward your partner. It delivers the message of love for you in a really poetic way.

The song is beautiful and even the chords are pretty simple with easy strummings. The song has 4 simple chords; Am, Em, Em/G, and Dm. You can use a slow strumming pattern that will give the song a more melodic tone. You can play it by strumming on beats 1 and 3.

The song is romantic but emotional at the same time. If you’re looking to play a song for your partner then this will be the right choice.

12. Beautiful in White

Artist: Shane Filan

Trying to look for a song that you can play for your beautiful bride on your wedding day? BINGO! You have just found the jackpot.

Shane Filan’s Beautiful in White might just be the perfect one for you to play on your wedding day. The song will express the emotions and feelings you’ll get when you’ll see your bride in that beautiful white dress.

The song might not be popular like other hits, but it is one of the gorgeous love songs which doesn’t have any kind of complicated chords like some love songs. The chords of the song are G, D/F#(add11), Em7, and Cadd9G, D/F#(add11), Em7, and Cadd9.

The chords might look scary at the first glance but trust me, they are so simple that you won’t even expect them to be that easy. Even the strumming pattern of the song is really simple as usual.

13. Someone Like You

Artist: Adele

When this song came back in 2011, almost everyone knew its whole lyrics. It was a very popular song by Adele and also a really beautiful which portrays the sadness that hides within love.

Adele has a fantastic voice and with this sad, love song, her voice couldn’t match anymore. If you want to express all those sorrowful feelings to your partner then why not try Someone Like You on your guitar?

The song is really beautiful and also easy to play on your guitar. The song has easy guitar chords such as G, Em, C, D, and Bm. The chords are easy and comfortable to use because of their easy finger placements.

Even the strumming of this song is was. The song is a classic love song that you can play it anytime you want to express your feelings to some special and make them feel their importance in your life.

15. Just The Way You Are

Artist: Bruno Mars

“Just The Way You Are” is the perfect love song to make your partner feel special about themselves. The song is so beautiful that it even won the Grammy Awards back in 2011.

The beautiful romantic song will make your significant fall in love with you within a minute. It has a beautiful melody and loving lyrics. The song will amaze your partner, but the more shocking thing, it is built with an easy chord.

The Grammy Award-winning song is incredibly easy with the chords;  D, Bm,7, and G. It even has an easy strumming pattern. Within no time, you can perfect this song and master it.

If you’re comfortable then you can also put a capo on the 3rd fret which will give you a realistic and better sound. This love song will deliver a romantic message to your partner for you.

16. Stay With Me

Artist: Sam Smith

Stay With Me

Sam Smith’s Stay With Me is one of the romantic love songs that you can play for your love. The song was released back in 2014 and many became a fan after listening to its beautiful piano melody.

The song tells you a story about how you fell in love with your partner after the night. Even the chord of the song is simple with  Em, Cadd9, and G. Cadd9. The placement of fingers on these chords is simple and within no time you’ll master it.

The song is just perfect to sing for your crush and the lyrics will surely touch her heart as well.

17. I’m Yours

Artist: Jason Marz

Back in the day, everyone who knew guitar used to play “I’m Yours” by Jason Marz because it was easy to play on guitar and had a beautiful melody in its song.

The song is beautiful and tells you the story of where you are perfect for your partner and the strumming of the makes the song very fun and interesting as well.

The song is very easy and only has four chords; G, D, Em, and C. These chords are some of the basic chords of guitar and you’ll have no problem learning it because of how easy the finger placement is.

The strumming pattern of the song is also beautiful and really fun to play. It has the triplet down and upstrokes, the strumming can’t be any easier than this. You’ll perfect this romantic song in no time.

18. Love Story

Artist: Taylor Swift

The year 2008 was really a big year for Taylor Swift and her romantic love song, Love Story.

“Love Story” is a perfect romantic love song that you can play for your partner. It portrays the story of Romeo and Juliet and their love story as well. It gives you the idea of how strong a love can be, just like in Romeo and Juliet.

The song defines the feelings of a couple and portrays them in a beautiful picture. The song is truly beautiful and even easy to learn on your guitar.

The chords are simple such as; C, G, Am, F, D, A, and Bm. Even the strumming pattern is pretty simple. Just take note that this is a fast-tempo song, so you might need to play it a little fast than you usually do in other songs.

Love Story is really a powerful song that expresses all the emotions you have for your significant one. The melody and the lyrics of the song will truly hit from inside, the perfect to play in front of your partner or loved ones.

19. Yellow

Artist: Coldplay

Coldplay is some of the most talented groups in the music industry and “Yellow” was truly one of their blockbuster songs. It has a slow melody and the song is really gorgeous when you place everything together.

The song gives you a feeling of being loved and fills your heart with joy. The song is perfect to play on your guitar and even fun to play it.

The song has easy guitar chords such as  G, D, C, and Em, which are the basic chords of the guitar but the chords changes during the outro part to Cmaj7, and Dm7. You don’t need to change it. You can ignore and play the same previous chords for the outro as well.

The song even has an easy strumming pattern with 8 beats of downstrokes. The song choice is just excellent to play in front of your partner. Because of its easy chords, you’ll be even able to master it in no time.

20. Fallin

Artist: Alicia Keys

Do you remember what made Alicia Keys famous in the music industry for the first time? It was one of the love songs that she made. The song “Fallin” was so beautiful and wonderful that it went and won three Grammys.

The song is perfect as it portrays the challenges that arise in relationships. If you’re facing the same challenge and need a song to express then “Fallin” might just be the one.

Guitar Chords of the song are easy and you’ll only need to master two chords, Em and Bm7. Both of these hordes are comfortable and won’t do any effect while you change the chords.

Even the strumming pattern for the song is simple and traditional which makes the perfect tone and melody for this Love Song. The only challenge with this song is that you’ll need to memorize the lyrics.

21. Iris

Artist: The Goo Goo Dolls

Now let’s take a look at another romantic song that was made to express your feelings to your crus and also for the movie City Of Angels. Wanna propose? Why not give her signs of your love by playing this song?

The chords of this guitar are really easy. First, you’ll play the D tuning for the opening and then you’ll need to learn 6 easy chords;  5, D, G5, Bm7, Asus4, and G. You might be getting scared after seeing the digit, but these are some of the easy chords you can find in guitar.

The strumming pattern is also simple with a conventional down-down-up-down-up pattern. The song is melodic and filled with emotions. A perfect love song.

22. Heaven

Artist: Bryan Adams

If Love has struck you right at your heart then Bryan Adma’s “Heaven” is the perfect one to practice. The 1983 song is romantic and filled with a melody that people who are in love should listen to at least once.

There are classic chords played in the song like; C, Am, G, F, and Dm. The finger placement of these chords is easy and if you’re having a problem with the barre version of F and then you can try the other comfortable one.

It has only a down strumming pattern which makes it easier to learn on guitar. Make your partner feel heavenly by playing “Heaven”.

23. With Or Without You

Artist: U2

If you’re having a complicated relationship with your partner and are emotional at the same time then U2’s With Or Without You will help you with that.

The song is filled 3with emotions and it will surely touch your heart in one way or another. It is also perfect for beginners as it has easy chords such as G, D, Em, and C, with the usual strumming pattern.

It has the down-down-up-up-down-up strumming pattern, which is one of the easiest and most fun to play strumming patterns in guitar. With easy chords and beautiful lyrics, it is sure to impress your love.

24. Thinking Out Loud

Artist: Ed Sheeran

Thinking Out Loud has been one of the most romantic songs in the modern generation. Ed Sheeran has portrayed this song beautifully and even you can portray and impress your crush by playing it on your guitar.

The chords of this song are easy and even the strumming pattern is easy. The chords of this song are C, E, F, G, Dm, and Am. These are some of the classic chords on the guitar.

It has easy and comfortable finger positions, you’ll master it within no time. You’ll even have no problem changing the chords. You’ll really be able to hear the emotions and the feelings from this song.

25. Dust In The Wind

Artist: Kansas

The incredible melodic song, “Dust in The Wind” is one of the perfect love songs that was released way back in 1977 and it is still considered one of the best and easy love songs to play on guitar.

The songs’ melody and lyrics will surely touch your heart in different ways and make you feel loved. It is even easy to play on the guitar as you’ll only need to master four easy chords;  C, G, Am7, and Dm.

The strumming Pattern is also easy with the down-down-up-down-up classic pattern. You can even do finger-picking on this song as the original version, but you can choose any comfortable way you want.

26. Hey There Delilah

Artist: Plain White T’s

If you are looking for a love song that is filled with melancholic tone and lyrics then Plain White T’s “Hey There Deliah” is the song that you should check out right now.

The lyrics are filled with one-sided love emotions and will make you emotional. The song is effortless to play on guitar because there are easy chords used. Such as D, F#m, Bm, G, and A.

One thing you need to note is that this is a finger-picked song.

The song is finger-picked, and this song just might be the easiest finger-picked song you have ever practiced. Perfect for every cause.

27. Love Me Do

Artist: The Beatles

The first thing that came to your mind must be the mind-boggling grammatical error after reading the title. But is certainly the hit song of 1962 with a beautiful message.

“Love Me Do” is a beautiful song to play on your guitar, and it also has three easy chords; G, C, and D. Very simple, right? Not only the chords, but even the strumming is in the classic pattern. You’ll have no challenges while learning its guitar lesson.

28. One Last Time

Artist:  Ariana Grande

Takes us back to 2014 when the world went crazy after the release of “One Last Time” by Ariana Grande.

The song is beautiful and portrays the story of how she waits for her love to hold her hands once again. There are only 5 simple chords used in the song which are G, C, Em, Am, and D. Keep a note that the song is on a fast temp, so play it a bit faster than you usually do.

It might look like it’s a bit hard for beginners, so you can start the song by playing at a slow tempo and then slowly start building up your speed.

29. Don’t Let Me Down

Artist:  The Beatles

“Don’t Let Me Down” by the Beatles was a popular romantic hit back in 1970. It was a very beautiful song and the story behind the lyrics is just gorgeous. John Lennon wrote this song for his future wife. You can sing it for her as well.

The song is easy and has the classic four chords, Em, D, A, and A7. The strumming pattern is easy and with such simple chords, you’ll learn this romantic song within no time.

The song describes the hopes you have for your partner. This just might be the perfect evening for you and your partner.

30. Dance The Night Away

Artist: The Mavericks

If you’re having a breakup then this song just might be the perfect one for you. 1992 release “Dance The Night Away” portrays a story about how you find your freedom from a breakup.

The song was really popular in big countries such as; US and UK. The guitar cho0rds of the song are also very easy. The song consists of only two chords; D and A7 major, which is perfect for beginners.

The strumming pattern of the song is also super easy you’ll master this song within no time and impress your audience as well.

31. Brown-Eyed Girl

Artist: Van Morrison

If you’re trying to play a rock-tone love song but also an easy one then you have just found your treasure.

“Brown eyes Girl” was a popular romantic rock song back in 1967. The song has been played at many events and on many occasions, and you can also play this song in front of many audiences and impress them.

The song is easy to play on guitar s it has the easiest five chords to be ever created in guitar; G, C, D, Em, and D7. The strumming pattern of down strum after every beat will give you the perfect melody and make it more beautiful.

If you’re looking to impress your partner or crush with a love song then this might be the perfect one for you. Does your partner have brown eyes? Secure the treasure by playing this song!

32. Summer Wine

Artist: Nancy Sinatra

Summer Wien was really a lovely and gorgeous song that every person had on their playlist. The 1966 song was really a popular song because of how cute it was. The attractive melody will surely attract your partner as well after you’ll play it for them.

The chords of this song are really simple as you’ll only need 3 chords; Am, G, and Dm. The Strummking pattern is also pretty simple with the down-stroke at the first beat then making the 8th note down, and up in the rest of the beats.

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