David Lee Roth Responds To Metallica Fans After Recent Criticism

When David Lee Roth used Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” in a YouTube video, he had already faced criticism. Now that he’s utilized the song in another video and gotten nothing but positive feedback, it appears that the former Van Halen vocalist has succeeded in winning over Metallica fans.

In a recent video titled “Metal Fu Pt. 1,” the rock star demonstrated his martial arts prowess. Roth was accompanied by “Enter Sandman” throughout the entire video, and it appeared that fans adored it. According to one statement,

“Perfect soundtrack.”

Another one that complimented the combination of Roth and the metal group came next:

“Dave [and] Metallica! Two great tastes that taste great together.”

Overall, the remarks were very positive, as one follower noted:

“Dave’s just the best! I’d say the [most] interesting rock and roll personality of my lifetime.”

Dave included the song “Enter Sandman” in his action-packed videos, and it seemed that Metallica fans were okay with it, albeit not everyone liked the songs he chose. The rocker got mixed reactions when he decided to include a song by a “controversial” pop singer in a recent music video.

The leader has already shown his passion and respect for martial arts. He has talked about how much he admires kenjutsu and how Eddie Van Halen, his former VH bandmate, is the “mirror image” of his “master,” Eric Clapton.

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