Bryan Adams Recalls His Attempt To Save Amy Winehouse

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Bryan Adams discussed his connections in the business and recounted one occasion when he invited Amy Winehouse to celebrate Christmas at his Mustique Island property. When the late singer was asked if he might assist her in overcoming her addiction, she replied as follows:

“[I] tried to help her, but, you know, it’s got to come from within. I really don’t know what happened with Amy, and it is so sad because she was so, so talented, and I so admired her individuality massively. But did I make a difference? I don’t know.”

The Two’s Relationship

The bond between Adams and Winehouse began when the 64-year-old photographer captured the singer’s images for the 2007 Hear The World campaign.

Following Winehouse’s unintentional alcohol poisoning death in July 2011, Adams discussed the singer on The Andrew Marr Show in 2014.

“She wrote her own songs, she had a unique voice, and she was a great personality. And I think she represents a type of person who exists here in London, and her music will live on forever. She was an interesting character, and she was very self-determined.”

The Late Singer’s Life In Film

A movie on Amy Winehouse’s life and her battles with addiction is planned for release in 2024. The movie, which was produced by StudioCanal, Focus Features, and Monumental Pictures, will feature Marisa Abela and be helmed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.



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