Brian Johnson Reveals His Favorite Rolling Stones Song

In the dominion of rock ‘n’ roll, scant ensembles have carved their enduring legacy as profoundly as The Rolling Stones. Their harmonies, replete with an infectious vivacity and ageless enticement, have served as a well of stimulus for countless generations of maestros. One such luminary, Brian Johnson, the iconic helmsman of AC/DC, despite the weightier tenor of his own compositions, has consistently been effusive in his accolades for The Rolling Stones and their enigmatic maestro, Mick Jagger.

In a forthcoming colloquy with BBC Radio 2’s “Tracks of My Years” in 2022, Brian Johnson graciously unveiled the aperture into his musical proclivities, bestowing upon us a discriminating enumeration of his unparalleled favorite compositions. Amid the compendium of The Rolling Stones’ opuses, one jewel shone with an effulgent radiance, akin to a lighthouse beacon – the spirited 1968 chart-topper, ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash.’ Johnson’s choice was profoundly swayed by the melody’s contagious riff, so irresistibly captivating that it impelled him to hasten and acquire a pair of maracas.

Commending Mick Jagger’s genius, Johnson eulogized the band’s capacity to transmute a colossal colosseum into a secluded haven, ensnaring the undivided assembly. Fondly recalling his inaugural rendezvous with The Rolling Stones’ timeless standard, ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,’ he couldn’t help but convey his astonishment, recounting those nascent instants thus:

“I remember the first time I heard it and I just went ‘What the hell is that?’”

In another riveting dialogue with The Sunday Times back in 2014, Johnson exposed his deeply ingrained fervor for automobiles and unveiled the anthems that accompany his sojourns. Amid the chosen musical tapestries was ‘Start Me Up,’ an effervescent melody from The Rolling Stones’ 1981 record, ‘Tattoo You.’

For Johnson, it transcends mere acoustics; it signifies the profound nexus these compositions forge with their auditors. The contagious dynamism of ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash,’ the insurgent verve of ‘Brown Sugar,’ the ageless allure of ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction,’ and the kinetic propulsion of ‘Commence Me Up’ have all cemented their positions within Johnson’s musical core.

Ultimately, Brian Johnson’s favored Rolling Stones melodies transcend the realm of mere musical preferences; they epitomize a compendium of existence, encapsulating the quintessence of rock ‘n’ roll that transcends eras. As devotees of both AC/DC and The Rolling Stones persist in reveling in their harmonies, Johnson’s profound esteem functions as a poignant reminder of the enduring impact these legendary ensembles have etched upon the domain of rock—an inheritance that unceasingly sparks inspiration and resonates throughout the epochs.

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