Billy Joel: ‘I Ain’t Mick Jagger’

In a recent electrifying performance at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium, the legendary Billy Joel playfully asserted his individuality, humorously distancing himself from the iconic Mick Jagger, despite delighting the crowd with Rolling Stones covers and sharing the stage with luminaries like Sting.

As Joel unleashed a setlist brimming with hits, including his rendition of ‘Start Me Up,’ he couldn’t resist emphasizing his uniqueness in comparison to the Stones’ frontman, declaring with a grin, “I ain’t Mick Jagger.”

The Tampa concert wasn’t just about Joel’s solo act; it also witnessed a collaboration between Joel and Sting, who joined forces for a rendition of The Police’s 1981 classic ‘Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.’ Sting, in his own set, weaved a tapestry of solo and Police songs, adding an unexpected twist with a noteworthy duet alongside Shaggy, infusing the evening with a diverse musical flavor.

Breaking his musical hiatus of nearly three decades, Joel recently returned to the studio, unveiling his latest creation, ‘Turn the Lights Back On,’ released on February 1. The genesis of this comeback was spurred by an unexpected friendship with a fan-turned-collaborator, Freddy Wexler. In a conversation with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans, Joel shared the serendipitous encounter that reignited his musical spark:

“I met some guy who I was told, ‘This guy wants to meet you. He’s a fan.’ So I thought, ‘Okay, I’ll talk to him for a couple of minutes. That’ll be the end of that.’ We ended up becoming friends, and he talked me into going into the studio, working on a new song blah blah blah. He’s right here. Freddy Wexler, the guy with the camera right there.”

Co-written with Arthur Bacon and Wayne Hector and produced by the accomplished Wexler, renowned for collaborating with top-tier artists, ‘Turn the Lights Back On’ marked Joel’s triumphant return to the recording studio.

Fans can anticipate more iconic collaborations in Joel’s upcoming tour, including performances with Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart. The grand finale awaits in Las Vegas at the Allegiant Stadium, where Joel will once again share the stage with the incomparable Sting, promising a spectacular conclusion to this musical journey.

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