Ace Frehley Calls Out Jimmy Page: “He’s A Sloppy Guitarist”

Ace Frehley Unveils Financial Setback and Guitarist Comparisons

In a recent conversation with Jeremy White, former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley delved into the nitty-gritty of a substantial financial hit he endured and shared his musings on how his guitar skills stack up against Tommy Thayer’s. As a surprising twist, he threw iconic guitarist Jimmy Page into the mix.

Financial Turbulence and Musical Resilience

Frehley bared it all, revealing a multimillion-dollar loss in the aftermath of Tommy Thayer assuming his role in Kiss. Despite this fiscal blow, Frehley channeled the setback into a catalyst for creating a superior band and crafting outstanding music. Expressing his bewilderment at Kiss’s absence from the recording scene after two decades, Frehley’s determination to rise above financial challenges became evident.

From Financial Woes to Guitar Showdown

Transitioning from financial woes, Frehley pivoted to a candid comparison of his guitar prowess with Thayer’s. Humbling himself, he acknowledged his style as “sloppy” but drew parallels with none other than the legendary Jimmy Page, sharing an anecdote from a recent interview. Frehley recounted, “I was talking to an interviewer the other day… He goes, it’s Tommy Thayer trying to sound like me, which is kind of ridiculous because actually, Tommy’s not a bad guitar player. Technically, he may even be a better guitar player than me. See, I’m sloppy. I’ll be the first one to admit it, and people have said it in comments. I’m sloppy, but I have a way about the way I play. I mean, Jimmy Page is sloppy.”

Acknowledging Flaws and Embracing Style

Frehley’s openness about his “sloppy” guitar style showcased a self-awareness and an acceptance of his unique approach to the instrument. While recognizing his imperfections, he emphasized the significance of personal style and its impact on music. By drawing a parallel with Jimmy Page, Frehley underlined the notion that unconventional playing can wield substantial influence.

Dynamics and Virtuosity Unveiled

Beyond the financial tribulations, the interview provided a glimpse into the dynamics between Frehley and Thayer in the Kiss context. Frehley, in acknowledging Thayer’s talent, presented a balanced perspective, showcasing an understanding of both his shortcomings and Thayer’s strengths as a guitarist.

The unexpected twist in the conversation was Frehley’s take on Jimmy Page. By daringly describing the rock legend as “sloppy,” Frehley injected a fresh perspective into the discourse on guitar virtuosity, challenging conventional notions and prompting contemplation on what truly defines skill in the realm of guitar mastery.

In essence, Ace Frehley’s interview not only laid bare his financial struggles but also provided profound insights into his resilience and self-reflection as a guitarist. Whether one aligns with Frehley’s views on Jimmy Page or not, his remarks undoubtedly fuel conversations and invite deeper contemplation on the essence of guitar virtuosity.

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  1. Ace doesn’t mean it in a bad way. Both Page and Frehley are blues rock players, emphasizing feel over the technical. He’s talking about guitar solos here and not rhythm. Ace admits being influenced by Page and Hendrix who both prioritized “feel” over perfect technique in their soloing.


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