3 Led Zeppelin songs Jimmy Page said are some of his favorites

In the early 1960s, Jimmy Page began working as a session musician, contributing to several legendary albums by artists such as The Who, Rolling Stones, Donovan, Joe Cocker, and others. He rose to stardom by the end of the decade, first with Led Zeppelin, his band, and subsequently as a member of The Yardbirds. With an estimated 200 to 300 million recordings sold worldwide, the innovative Hard Rock trio he founded with John Paul Jones, John Bonham, and Robert Plant went on to become one of the most successful bands of all time.

In addition to his incredible guitar solos, Jimmy Page is remembered for his rock & roll selection of three of his favorite Led Zeppelin songs, as well as for their potent riffs.

The 3 Led Zeppelin songs Jimmy Page chose as some of his favorites


Despite only being active for over 12 years, Led Zeppelin produced eight studio albums full of material. Additionally, two years after John Bonham’s passing, in 1982, they published one posthumous piece. Jimmy Page, the band’s guitarist, has long claimed that it is hard for him to choose a favorite song. But in a 2012 interview with Rolling Stone, he selected his all-time favorite guitar riff. From their 1975 album “Physical Graffiti,” he chose “Kashmir.”

“It’s difficult to be asked, ‘What’s your favorite Zeppelin track?’ They all were. They were all intended to be on those albums. [Pause] I suppose ‘Kashmir’ has to be the one. I knew that this wasn’t just something guitar-based. In addition, all of the guitar parts would be on there. But the orchestra needed to sit there, reflecting those other parts, doing what the guitars were but with the colors of a symphony. John Paul Jones scored that. But I said, ‘John, this is what it’s got to be.”

During that same discussion, the musician shared his thoughts on what, in his opinion, constitutes a great Led Zeppelin. He claims that since it will be played repeatedly, it must be hypnotic.

“Whole Lotta Love”

In a 2014 interview with Telerama (transcribed by Rock and Roll Garage), Jimmy Page addressed several fan inquiries regarding Led Zeppelin’s remastered versions of their first three albums. When asked which songs were his favorites, he mentioned “Whole Lotta Love,” a timeless tune from the band’s 1969 second album “Led Zeppelin II.”

“It’s very difficult to say with Led Zeppelin, with all of the tracks that there are of the catalogue which is my favorite. Because I have separate memories for each one. (Also) how they were recorded, the sentiment, what they mean is all about. But I would say a track, to actually be able to access the idea of what comes with these companion disc audio and the release would be ‘Whole Lotta Love’.”

Page continued, “Because it shows it’s a mix down at the end of that night of recording and it’s really tough, it’s really good. When you hear it you see just how much work went into the final version of ‘Whole Lotta Love’. I think that’s one of my favorites.”

In 2020, the guitarist told Total Guitar that the song’s guitar riff was extremely original at the time and still today. Additionally, he said that certain chords make people grin every time they are played. Strangely enough, he composed that iconic guitar riff in the summer of 1968. one year before the recording and release of the song. He was at Pangbourne, England, on his houseboat along the Thames River. In a 2014 Wall Street Journal interview, he recounted how he came up with the riff.

Page said, “I suppose my early love for big intros by rockabilly guitarists was an inspiration. But as soon as I developed the riff, I knew it was strong enough to drive the entire song. Not just open it. When I played the riff for the band in my living room several weeks later during rehearsals for our first album, the excitement was immediate and collective. We felt the riff was addictive. Like a forbidden thing.”

“Since I’ve Been Loving You”

In a 2014 interview with Telerama, Jimmy Page also mentioned “Since I’ve Been Loving You” as one of his favorites (translated by Rock and Roll Garage). The song was made available on Led Zeppelin III, the band’s third album (1970).

Jimmy Page said, “‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ it was recorded on a different night to the one that is on the album. That shows how the four of us worked so well together. Obviously we rehearsed the number and count one, two, three, four, pressed the red light and that’s what you have.”


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