Steven Tyler Is Back To Studio But There’s Still No Hope For Aerosmith Tour

For fans of Aerosmith, we have some good and some terrible news.

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler appears to be back in the studio. However, it’s still unclear if he will go on tour.

Aerosmith Remixes/Reissues Are on Their Way

Tyler updated his Instagram with a new photo. He is seen in a studio in the photo, and he explained in the description that the group has been working on remixes of their older songs:

“Throats on the mend… But my ears still work! So in the meantime… It’s studio time… Starting re-mixing Aerosmith!”

The news that Aerosmith won’t be releasing any new music anytime soon upset a few fans. A few even mentioned the new songs that The Beatles and Rolling Stones have released.

No News About the Earlier Cancelled Shows

Due to problems with voice cords, lead singer Tyler, Aerosmith was forced to postpone their final tour. The rock musician had a vocal cord injury at the beginning of September, and the doctor advised him to take a thirty-day break from singing. The band was forced to postpone six gigs as a result.

It was discovered that Tyler had broken his larynx after the news was made. The band decided to postpone all of its gigs until 2024 as a result of this injury, although no replacement dates have been announced as of yet.


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