You’ve Never Heard “The Sound Of Silence” Like This Before, With Henk Poort’s Epic Voice

Henk Poort’s rendition of “The Sound of Silence” on the Dutch TV show Beste Zangers is a true standout. Unlike the original folk style by Simon and Garfunkel, or even the popular Disturbed cover, Poort brought his own unique twist to the song, infusing it with elements of rock and heavy metal.

Starting with a graceful and refined vocal performance accompanied by beautiful strings, Poort gradually unleashed his full vocal power, transitioning into a robust rock style and eventually belting out a gritty heavy metal roar. The hosts of the show were visibly impressed, fully engrossed in the performance that had everyone talking.

The video of Poort’s cover quickly gained traction on YouTube, amassing over 10 million views and sparking debates among fans about which version of the song reigns supreme. Many praised Poort for his hauntingly powerful rendition, declaring it even better than the original.

This isn’t the first time Poort has wowed audiences with his covers on Beste Zangers. His fiery duet of “The Phantom of the Opera” with Nightwish singer Floor Jansen is another must-watch moment, showcasing his vocal prowess alongside Jansen’s powerhouse performance.

At 68 years old, Poort has established himself as a versatile actor and singer, known for his roles in operas, musicals, and even Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. His collaborations with renowned artists like Floor Jansen have garnered millions of views on YouTube and even led to special live performances with bands like Nightwish.

For a captivating and unforgettable rendition of “The Sound of Silence” and other iconic classics, Henk Poort’s performances are not to be missed. Check out his powerful covers on platforms like YouTube for a truly mesmerizing musical experience.

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