Young Boyband Bring It North Unveil Rehearsal Footage Ahead of Pivotal Britain’s Got Talent Performance

In 2018, the five-piece boy band Bring It North entered Britain’s Got Talent, quickly charming the nation with their angelic voices and sweet personalities. The group, consisting of Harry, Max, Toby, Oscar, and Felix, were between ten and twelve years old at the time of their audition. They performed ‘Electricity’ from the musical Billy Elliot and impressed the judges, advancing to the next round with Alesha Dixon expressing hopes that their performance would inspire more young boys.

Unfortunately, the group was eliminated in the semi-finals despite delivering a silver-toned cover of ‘A Million Dreams’ from The Greatest Showman. To console their heartbroken fans, they uploaded a rehearsal video of their original, more vocally complex version of the song. Fans from across the country flooded the comments with praise, noting the boys’ impressive harmonies and vocal talents. One fan remarked, “These boys harmonize well,” while another confessed, “Not many singing videos give me goosebumps, but this one did easily.” The video, now viewed by over a million people, showcased the group’s beautifully layered vocals and rich harmonies. Adding to the charm, their proud dads can be seen in the background, recording and beaming with pride.

Despite their elimination, Bring It North’s journey didn’t end there. The group continued to perform gigs around the country, delighting audiences with their energetic covers. In one clip from 2018, they sang The Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back,’ bringing smiles to the crowd and prompting some viewers to see them as potential successors to the popular Motown band.

Whether or not Bring It North will achieve global stardom like The Jackson 5 remains to be seen. Their social media has been quiet lately, leaving fans to wonder if they’re working on something big or if the members have pursued separate paths. Simon Cowell once suggested they might star in big West End shows rather than landing a recording contract. Whatever their current endeavors, we hope the boys of Bring It North are still singing and bringing joy to fans across the UK.

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