Watch The Black Keys and Noel Gallagher Perform “On The Game” on Later… with Jools Holland

The Black Keys recently teamed up with Noel Gallagher for a special performance on the popular music show *Later… with Jools Holland*. The collaboration featured a live rendition of their song “On The Game.”

The Black Keys, known for their blues-rock sound, and Noel Gallagher, the former Oasis guitarist and songwriter, created a unique blend of styles for this performance. “On The Game” showcased their combined talents, with the gritty guitar riffs and powerful vocals creating an electrifying atmosphere.

The audience was thrilled by the collaboration, as both The Black Keys and Noel Gallagher brought their signature energy to the stage. The chemistry between the musicians was evident, making the performance a memorable highlight of the show.

Fans of both artists praised the performance, noting how well their styles complemented each other. The live version of “On The Game” received positive feedback for its raw and authentic sound, capturing the essence of rock music.

This appearance on *Later… with Jools Holland* added another exciting chapter to the careers of The Black Keys and Noel Gallagher, leaving fans eager for more collaborations in the future.

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