WATCH: Paul McCartney Surprise Fans In Elevator, Leaving fans on tears and Joy

Paul McCartney created a buzz when he surprised super-fans riding the elevators at 30 Rock on “The Tonight Show.” The music icon joined host Jimmy Fallon for a special segment that left unsuspecting visitors in awe.

As the elevator doors opened, fans were greeted by the sight of McCartney and Fallon, leading to gasps and excitement. Some fans couldn’t contain their excitement and attempted to reach out to touch the legendary musician.

The surprise appearance coincided with the release of McCartney’s latest album, “Egypt Station,” adding an extra layer of excitement to the encounter. Produced by Greg Kurstin and Ryan Tedder, the album holds a special place in McCartney’s heart, with its concept of each song representing a different station within “Egypt Station.”

McCartney’s impromptu elevator performance was just the beginning of the excitement for fans. They can look forward to experiencing the music live as McCartney plans a special New York concert, featuring tracks from “Egypt Station” as well as beloved classics from his extensive catalog. The concert will be livestreamed on YouTube, giving fans around the world a chance to join in on the excitement.

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