U2 Dress In Disguise And Go Busking In The NYC Subway

In the realm of social media and YouTube, aspiring musicians often kickstart their careers by busking on the streets and sharing their performances online. However, it’s a rare sight to see established global superstars take a step back to busk on the streets – but that’s precisely what U2 did during their appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

Fallon, known for his spontaneous sketches and pranks, orchestrated a memorable stunt with U2. He had the band disguise themselves and set up a busking session in the 42nd Street Subway station in Manhattan, New York.

As the video unfolds, Fallon sets the stage, donning his disguise and explaining the plan to his viewers. Equipped with a hidden camera dubbed the U2cam concealed in sunglasses, the band ventures into the station, incognito.

Fallon, in a thick New York accent, drums up attention for the band, presenting them as native New Yorkers available for hire at events. The band kicks off their performance with the iconic “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” Initially, passersby give them curious glances, but as Bono’s powerful voice fills the station, heads start to turn.

As the crowd gathers, Fallon interrupts the performance, deeming it unsuccessful and revealing the band’s true identity. The crowd erupts with excitement – after all, who would expect to stumble upon U2 performing on a subway platform during their commute?

The band concludes their impromptu set with a stirring acoustic rendition of “Desire,” eliciting cheers, applause, and sing-alongs from the delighted audience. Those fortunate enough to witness the spectacle firsthand surely cherish the serendipitous moment. For the rest of us, we can only wish we had been there to witness this extraordinary event.



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