The Amazing Taylor Swift Impersonation by 7-Year-Old Xia Vigor

In the first season of “Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids,” a seven-year-old girl named Xia Vigor captured everyone’s hearts and became a star. Dressed in an adorable costume, she took the stage to impersonate Taylor Swift, singing “You Belong With Me.” Her heartwarming performance surprised both the judges and the audience.

Xia Vigor put all her energy and confidence into the performance. At just seven, she impressed everyone with her singing. The judges and audience clapped along, creating an electric atmosphere. Xia even confidently walked to the front of the judges’ panel while continuing her song. You can watch her adorable performance in the video below.


“Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids” was a Philippine TV show where child celebrities impersonated famous artists in a point-based competition. It was a spin-off of the Spanish talent show “Your Face Sounds Familiar.” Each week, the kids would impersonate a different artist and perform a dance routine, with judges deciding who would advance to the next round. The show aired for two seasons and was later succeeded by “The Kids’ Choice.”

“You Belong With Me” is one of the songs that made Taylor Swift a global superstar when it was released on her 2008 album *Fearless*. The song’s catchy, radio-friendly sound and relatable lyrics about unrequited love made it an instant hit. It was the first country song to reach number one on the Billboard radio charts.

Xia Vigor didn’t just become a child star; she also took part in important movements as an environmentalist and influencer. She is the Child Ambassador of Save the Children Philippines, a WWF Youth Advocate, and a Kid Ambassador of Habitat for Humanity Philippines. This shows how young stars can use their platforms to make a positive impact on the world. Xia also won “Mini Me 2,” another entertainment show where she impersonated Selena Gomez.

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