Taylor Swift Plays ‘Hey Stephen,’ ‘Maroon’ at Eras Tour in Paris

Taylor Swift recently thrilled fans in Paris at the La Defense Arena for two nights straight. She introduced a whole new segment, featuring songs from “The Tortured Poets Department” and “The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology.” On her second-to-last night in the City of Light, Swift treated the audience to seven favorite tracks from TTPD and surprised them with new songs “Hey Stephen” and “Maroon.”

Swift had previously performed both “Hey Stephen” from her 2008 album “Fearless” and “Maroon” from her 2022 release “Midnights” during her ongoing Era tour, and they were big hits with the crowd.

Before launching into “Hey Stephen,” played on acoustic guitar, Swift mentioned the positive response she received earlier for her “Fearless” songs. She then invited the audience to match the volume of earlier performances, which they did with loud approval.

For “Maroon,” Swift took to the piano during her acoustic surprise song segment, which further delighted the audience.

Her four-night stint in Paris, which concludes the next day, serves as the premiere for her revamped Eras tour setlist since TTPD was released. Among the new songs she’s debuted are “But Daddy I Love Him,” “So High School,” “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?,” “Down Bad,” “Fortnight,” “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” and “I Can Do It With a Broken Heart.” She also debuted “My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys” live during the surprise section of the set on Friday.

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