Sir Tom Jones Delights Meghan Trainor on The Voice with an Impromptu Performance of “It’s Not Unusual”

In a memorable moment on The Voice UK, Olly Murs playfully prodded Sir Tom Jones about his classic hit “It’s Not Unusual,” jokingly admitting he hadn’t heard it in ages. Ever the entertainer, Sir Tom delighted the audience by launching into a flawless rendition of the beloved song. Despite being 79 years old at the time, his voice sounded as powerful and distinctive as it did on the original 1964 studio recording.

Comparing the live performance to the iconic studio version reveals little change in Sir Tom’s ability to deliver his music with impeccable charm and the same honeyed tones that made him famous. Known not just for his voice but also for his magnetic stage presence, Sir Tom exuded charisma during the performance, captivating the crowd and drawing enthusiastic cheers.

Sir Tom’s genuine passion for performing was palpable, spreading infectious joy throughout the audience. Meghan Trainor, one of the judges, couldn’t hide her admiration, watching Sir Tom with the awe of a star-struck fan. The segment also featured an insightful interview where Sir Tom shared anecdotes about the song’s origins and its unexpected journey to becoming his breakout hit.

From his early days recording demos to his legendary performances on global stages like The Ed Sullivan Show, Sir Tom Jones has consistently proven himself a born entertainer. His enduring love for music and his ability to connect with audiences ensure that his performances, like this one on The Voice UK, continue to leave a lasting impression.

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