Ronan Keating Duets With Swedish Star Carola On “No Matter What”

In 2018, Ronan Keating graced the stage at Allsang på Grensen, a Norwegian musical extravaganza. Against a backdrop resembling a lush garden, the audience eagerly awaited the arrival of the Irish pop sensation. Keating made his entrance arm-in-arm with Swedish icon Carola, setting the stage for a remarkable duet that has since captivated millions worldwide on YouTube.

As the familiar melody of “No Matter What” filled the air—a global hit for Keating’s band Boyzone in 1998—the crowd fell into a hushed reverence, anticipating the magical union of two acclaimed vocalists. With over 20 million records sold globally as a solo artist and 25 million with Boyzone, Keating’s musical legacy precedes him. Carola, on the other hand, has long reigned as one of Sweden’s most celebrated singers since her breakthrough in the 1980s.

Keating took the lead in the first verse, reminiscent of Stephen Gately’s rendition in Boyzone’s version, evoking swells of joy from a mother and daughter spotted swaying in the audience. Then, in a harmonious exchange, Carola and Keating blended their voices before each delivering soul-stirring solo verses. Carola’s powerhouse vocals commanded the song’s climax, leaving Keating visibly moved, tapping his chest in awe at her performance. As the final notes faded, they embraced and bowed to the ecstatic crowd, basking in the moment they had created together.

Carola’s stardom shines brightly in Scandinavia. Her debut album, “Främling,” released in 1983, remains Sweden’s best-selling album of all time, surpassing even the legendary ABBA. A Eurovision Song Contest veteran, Carola represented Sweden thrice, clinching victory in 1991 with the infectious anthem “Fångad av en stormvind,” a performance that has amassed over 350,000 views on YouTube. Meanwhile, in another heartwarming moment, Ronan shares the stage with his daughter in Dublin in 2016.

At 46, Keating’s most recent musical offering came in 2021 with “Songs from Home,” his twelfth solo album. Featuring eleven covers of songs by Irish musicians and one original track co-written by Keating and Dan Healy, the album pays homage to his roots. In recent years, Keating has also delved into television work, showcasing his mentoring skills on shows like The Voice Kids UK and The Voice of Germany.

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