Roger Waters Addresses Controversial Documentary Allegations

Roger Waters, the iconic co-founder and former frontman of Pink Floyd, has recently responded to a newly released documentary that has caused quite a stir. The documentary, titled “The Dark Side Of Roger Waters,” sheds light on allegations of antisemitic behavior against the rock legend.

A 37-Minute Revelation, This 37-minute documentary, produced by the U.K.-based advocacy group Campaign Against Antisemitism, was unveiled to the public on Wednesday. It includes interviews with Waters’s former bandmates and staffers, offering a perspective on the allegations that have been haunting him. One of the most striking revelations is an antisemitic e-mail attributed to the musician.

The documentary features interviews with individuals who have crossed paths with Roger Waters in the past. Among these interviews are Norbert Stachel, Roger’s former saxophonist, and Bob Ezrin, the acclaimed co-producer behind Pink Floyd’s legendary 1979 album, “The Wall.” Both Stachel and Ezrin, who are of Jewish descent, claim that Waters made derogatory remarks about Jews.

Earlier today, Roger Waters, known for his staunch support of the Palestinian cause, issued a statement on his official website regarding the documentary. He mentioned that the Campaign Against Antisemitism contacted him earlier this month, asking him to respond to various questions dating back to 2002 and 2010. Initially, he chose not to respond, considering the attacks on his character unwarranted. However, he decided to address the allegations now that they are circulating.

Waters emphasized his lifelong commitment to using his platform to support causes he believes in, particularly Universal Human Rights. He has been an advocate for various causes worldwide, ranging from indigenous rights to women’s rights in Iran. He maintains that his activism against the Israeli government’s actions in Palestine does not equate to antisemitism, despite what some may claim.

Waters also criticized the organization behind the documentary, the Campaign Against Antisemitism. He highlighted that the organization is currently facing scrutiny following complaints to the Charity Commission. According to Waters, the organization’s core purpose is to engage in partisan political campaigns against critics of the state of Israel, leading him to doubt the sincerity of their questions.

Regarding the documentary itself, Waters described it as a “flimsy, unapologetic piece of propaganda.” He asserted that the film distorts his views about Israel and Zionism and relies on a definition of antisemitism that equates criticism of Israel with antisemitism. Waters believes this definition is widely contested, even within the Jewish community.

In conclusion, Roger Waters vehemently denies the accusations of antisemitism leveled against him in the documentary. He views the film as a manipulative piece of propaganda that attempts to portray him as an antisemite without any factual basis.

In recent years, Roger Waters has faced criticism for his controversial remarks about Israel, including a concert in Berlin where he displayed Nazi-like symbolism. The fallout from these incidents continues to generate discussions and debates.


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