Redd Kross Releases New Single “I’ll Take Your Word For It”

Redd Kross, the iconic California punk and power-pop band, has unveiled their latest single, “I’ll Take Your Word for It.” This track is a teaser from their highly anticipated self-titled double album, which is scheduled for release on June 28 via In the Red Records.

“I’ll Take Your Word for It” features a vibrant blend of sunny West Coast harmonies and the jangly sound reminiscent of Sixties rock. The chorus, however, retains the band’s signature punk energy, delivering a few impactful punches that will resonate with long-time fans.

In discussing the inspiration behind the song, Redd Kross co-founder Steve McDonald explained that the lyrics are “based on real events,” though not tied to any specific individual. He described the song as an amalgamation of various experiences, touching on the theme of ambiguous relationships. McDonald elaborated, “It’s a mix of different types, like that so-called friend who always brings up the ex, or a work relationship that ended badly despite your best efforts. ‘Are you my friend, are you my foe? I don’t know.'”

The release of the single is accompanied by a visually striking music video directed by Steve Appleford. The video captures the band performing on a picturesque hilltop in Los Angeles, with the iconic Hollywood sign visible in the background. McDonald commented on the video, saying, “The video offers one solution to the situation the song describes. Instead of confronting your nemesis, maybe it’s better to dress sharp, grab your matching bass and band, and take a hike yourself. That’s what I did, and it felt great.”

This upcoming double album marks Redd Kross’ first LP since 2019’s “Beyond the Door.” To promote the album, the band has planned an extensive summer tour, kicking off on July 2 at the Casbah in San Diego and concluding on August 13 at the Lodge Room in Los Angeles. Their tour schedule also includes notable festival appearances, such as the Azkena Rock Festival in Spain on June 21, Mosswood Meltdown in Oakland on July 6, and the Merge 35th Anniversary Festival in Carrboro, North Carolina on July 24.

Redd Kross is also the focus of a new documentary by Andrew Reich titled “Born Innocent: The Redd Kross Story,” which has been making rounds at various film festivals this year. Additionally, Steve McDonald and his brother and bandmate Jeff McDonald are set to release a memoir titled “Now You’re One of Us,” which will be available on October 10.

With “I’ll Take Your Word for It,” Redd Kross continues to blend nostalgic sounds with fresh energy, maintaining their unique place in the music world and keeping their fans eagerly anticipating what’s next.

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