Reba McEntire And Kelly Clarkson Bring ‘Does He Love You’ To Life Once Again

In 1992, Reba McEntire’s career was already soaring high in the world of country music. When she was presented with the song “Does He Love You,” her record label knew it had the potential to be a smash hit. Initially, they considered pairing her with established stars like Wynonna Judd or Trisha Yearwood, but ultimately, she collaborated with Linda Davis on the final track. The duo’s chemistry was undeniable, and the song became Reba’s 18th number one hit, earning them a Grammy for Best Country Vocal Collaboration.

Despite her successful partnership with Linda Davis, Reba has never hesitated to share the stage with other artists for performances of “Does He Love You.” In 2007, she joined forces with Kelly Clarkson for a memorable rendition on CMT Crossroads. Fans were blown away by their harmonies and the emotion they brought to the song, with the performance video amassing over 11 million views.

Not only did Reba and Kelly deliver a stunning vocal performance, but they also fully embraced the song’s narrative, portraying the roles of the heartbroken wife and the longing mistress. Fans applauded their ability to convey the song’s story with authenticity, praising Reba’s knack for diving into character and delivering heartfelt performances.

In 2021, Reba revisited “Does He Love You,” this time teaming up with country music icon Dolly Parton. Despite not being an official single, their collaboration entered multiple US country music charts and garnered attention with a music video depicting the complexities of a troubled relationship. The video has since garnered 6.2 million views, with viewers celebrating the partnership between two legendary musicians.

While Reba has embraced her past hits with nostalgic returns, her career continues to evolve. In 2023, she embarked on a US tour and made her debut at Madison Square Garden. Additionally, she showcased her acting chops in dramas like Big Sky and took on a coaching role on The Voice in 2023.

With a career spanning decades and spanning across music, television, and entertainment, Reba McEntire remains a powerhouse and an influential figure in the industry.

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