Phil Collins and Nic Collins Share Heartwarming Father-Son Duet

Before Phil Collins embarked on his ‘Not Dead Yet Tour,’ the legendary musician faced nerve issues in his hand, making drumming difficult. Thankfully, his son Nic Collins was there to step in. From 2016 to 2019, Nic played the drums for his father during the tour.

In a memorable Houston performance, the father-son duo switched things up with Nic on piano. Phil humorously shared with the audience that when he showed Nic his music, there was one song Nic particularly liked. Phil joked, “Just one,” and Nic playfully corrected, “Two songs… mainly just one.” The song was ‘You Know What I Mean’ from Phil’s debut solo album ‘Face Value.’ The pair then delivered a touching performance, with Phil singing and Nic on piano.

Fans loved the heartfelt moment, flooding the video with supportive comments. The performance garnered over 2.7 million views, with many praising Nic’s talent and the special bond between father and son.

Throughout the tour, Nic showcased his musical abilities, primarily on the drums. In the same Houston concert, Nic wowed the audience with a drum duet alongside percussionist Richie Garcia, eventually joining Phil and Richie in a drum trio on the cajon.

Following the tour’s conclusion in 2019, Nic continued drumming for his father during the Genesis tour from 2020 to 2022. He also played for Mike Rutherford’s band, Mike and the Mechanics, and formed his own band, Better Strangers, debuting in 2022. Nic Collins is keeping his father’s legacy alive while carving out his own musical career, proving he has a bright future ahead.

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