Olly Murs’ Journey From Normal Bloke To International Superstar

Olly Murs has become a huge star in the music world, releasing 7 albums and earning nominations for BRIT and Ivor Novello awards. But where did it all start? Back in 2009, Olly decided to try his luck on The X Factor. He showed up as just a regular guy, tired of his office job and dreaming of a singing career.

During his audition, he sang Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” with all his heart, even adding some dance moves. The judges, especially Cheryl Cole, were blown away. They all said yes without hesitation, and Simon Cowell called it the easiest yes ever.

Olly didn’t just make it to the next round; he made it all the way to the final. Though he didn’t win, he proved Louis Walsh right when he said Olly would have a great music career no matter what. And he did. His first album went platinum, and his next four albums reached number one on the charts. Even now, with his latest album “Marry Me” topping the charts in 2022, Olly’s music career is still going strong, over a decade since his X Factor debut.

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