Mute Bride Ali Kilman Bursts Into Tears After Dad Sings In Sign Language

In a heartwarming twist at his daughter’s wedding, Al Jones, a dad known for his legendary moves, surprised everyone by switching singing for signing. Instead of a typical speech, he signed the lyrics of Heartland’s touching country hit, “I Loved Her First.” The emotional moment brought his daughter, Ali Kilman, to tears, and it was all captured on video by videographer Andrew Stevens from Always Hope Creative, creating a viral sensation since 2019.

Reflecting on the journey, Al recalled Ali’s car accident just two years prior, which left her unable to speak. Despite her injuries, Ali was resilient, relying on her American Sign Language skills to communicate with her loved ones. However, the road to understanding wasn’t easy for the family, as they struggled to grasp ASL amidst the trauma.

Fast forward to Ali’s wedding day in October 2019, where she shone in her bridal glory. As her dad took the stage, he shared the poignant story of her accident, presenting her with the same whiteboard she once used to communicate. Then, with the intro music playing, Al began to sign the lyrics of “I Loved Her First,” a song that beautifully captures a father’s emotions as he watches his daughter grow up.

As Al signed the heartfelt lyrics, Ali was overcome with emotion, sinking into her seat in tears. The choice of song struck a chord, resonating not only with parents of deaf or mute children but also with those raised by deaf parents. Even the videographer was moved, capturing a moment that became one of the most touching wedding speeches on YouTube.

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