Mongolian Cowboy Enkh-Erdene Stuns America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League with His Voice

When the judges on America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League were choosing singers for their teams, Heidi Klum quickly picked Enkh-Erdene. Growing up in rural Mongolia, Enkh-Erdene won Season 2 of Mongolia’s Got Talent, making him a sought-after contestant. He arrived with his translator to meet Heidi and admitted he often felt nervous before performing. Heidi encouraged him, saying he had a “star voice.”

For his first performance, Enkh greeted the judges quietly and politely before launching into Garth Brooks’s “Friends In Low Places.” His deep, powerful baritone voice stunned the audience and judges. Howie Mandel, surprised by his voice, asked, “Is that coming out of him?”

Howie was so amazed by Enkh’s vocals that he wondered if he was lip-syncing. Heidi reminded everyone, “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” Despite growing up with traditional Mongolian folk music, Enkh fell in love with American country music stars like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. His success in the genre proves that background doesn’t matter when pursuing your passion.

Although Enkh isn’t very active on social media, he has continued to release music since his win on Mongolia’s Got Talent in 2016. His YouTube channel features music videos, including a cover of John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” which has over 300k views. In 2023, he released his first album, “Admiral Bayan,” showcasing his country music style mixed with traditional Mongolian influences.

Enkh-Erdene reached the semi-finals of AGT: Fantasy League, performing a soulful cover of Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind,” earning another standing ovation. Though he didn’t win AGT: Fantasy League, the audience’s enthusiastic response shows people want to hear more from Enkh-Erdene. With his global appeal and classic country style, Enkh-Erdene is well on his way to becoming a star known worldwide.

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