Michael Jackson’s Drummer Jonathan Moffett Is The Funkiest Man Alive On “Smooth Criminal”

In a mesmerizing display of funk mastery, Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett, Michael Jackson’s esteemed drummer, solidified his title as the embodiment of groove in a studio rendition of “Smooth Criminal” captured by Drumeo. With each beat, Sugarfoot unleashes an unparalleled fusion of precision and funk that is nothing short of electrifying.

What sets Sugarfoot apart is his ability to infuse the familiar strains of “Smooth Criminal” with his own signature style, eschewing replication for innovation. His nimble fingers dance across the hi-hat, injecting rhythmic complexity and depth into every measure, while his tasteful fills breathe new life into the iconic track. Yet, amidst this virtuosic display, Sugarfoot maintains a delicate balance, never overshadowing the song with excessive flair.

Witnessing Sugarfoot’s command of the drum kit is akin to experiencing a master at work, effortlessly propelling the rhythm forward with a finesse that borders on the supernatural. Each note is delivered with purpose, each beat a testament to his unparalleled skill. To behold his performance is to be transported into a realm where groove reigns supreme.

Experience the magic for yourself below, as Sugarfoot elevates “Smooth Criminal” to new heights with his infectious energy and undeniable talent.

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