Marc Martel Sings “Somebody To Love” For Céline Dion

Amidst the sea of Queen tribute acts, Queen Extravaganza stands out as the real deal. Led by Marc Martel, a Canadian Christian rock artist whose vocal prowess channels the spirit of Freddie Mercury, the band has captivated audiences worldwide.

In a stunning rendition of “Somebody to Love,” Martel’s voice moves even Celine Dion, a music icon in her own right. Her emotional reaction, echoed by the audience’s praise, speaks volumes about the power of Martel’s performance. Viewers have flooded the internet with admiration, with many affirming that Freddie Mercury himself would be proud. The video has garnered over 30k likes on YouTube, a testament to Martel’s flawless execution of this iconic Queen anthem.

Handpicked by Queen’s original drummer, Roger Taylor, Queen Extravaganza isn’t your typical tribute band. Taylor and lead guitarist Brian May envisioned a celebration of Queen’s music that would unite fans across generations. Unlike imitators in costume, the members of Queen Extravaganza are immensely talented musicians in their own right—a fact Taylor takes great pride in.

Since their inception in 2012, Queen Extravaganza has graced numerous TV shows, starting with a memorable debut on American Idol. With special appearances from Taylor and May, their performance reached over 22 million viewers. The band continues to sell out venues worldwide, from the Grand Théâtre de Québec to the Usher Hall in Edinburgh, leaving audiences in awe of their electrifying tribute to Queen’s legendary music.

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