Lucas Graham Performs an Acoustic Version of “Cheat Code” in The NEW 96.5 Performance Lounge!

Lukas Graham recently shared a special acoustic version of their song “Cheat Code” on The NEW 96.5 radio station. The Danish band performed the song with just guitars and vocals, making it feel more personal and emotional.

In this version, lead singer Lukas Forchhammer’s voice sounded sincere and heartfelt, bringing out the song’s meaning about love and trust. The band played gently in the background, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Originally, “Cheat Code” was part of Lukas Graham’s album “3 (The Purple Album).” The lyrics talk about the challenges of relationships, and in this acoustic version, those feelings came through even more strongly.

The acoustic performance on The NEW 96.5 gave fans a chance to hear “Cheat Code” in a new way, without all the extra production. It showed how talented Lukas Graham is and how much they care about their music and fans.

Overall, the acoustic rendition of “Cheat Code” was a touching moment for listeners. Lukas Graham’s performance reminded us why we love their music so much.

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