Little 13-Year-Old Rachel Crow Sings Like A Soul Queen On Beyoncé Cover On The X Factor

At just 13 years old, Rachel Crow stunned everyone on The X Factor USA with her powerful voice. Singing Beyoncé’s “If I Were A Boy,” she transformed from an adorable schoolgirl with curly hair to a soulful diva. Despite feeling scared before her performance, Rachel sang flawlessly, hitting every note with ease.

Her rendition of the song became the most-watched video in the show’s history, attracting 40 million views online. Rachel’s confidence shone through as she calmly told the judges her song choice was “a surprise.” Fans praised her mature performance, noting how she conveyed deep emotions despite her young age.

Although Rachel was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the competition, her talent didn’t go unnoticed. She signed a record deal with Columbia Records and released an EP that charted in the top 20. Additionally, she ventured into television, signing with Nickelodeon and appearing on several shows. Despite the setback on The X Factor, Rachel’s journey in the entertainment industry was just beginning.

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