Justin Timberlake And Anna Kendrick Perform Live Rendition Of Trolls’ ‘True Colors’

Once in a while, a celebrity duet emerges that strikes a chord unlike any other. Such is the case with pop sensation Justin Timberlake and American actress Anna Kendrick, whose heartfelt acoustic rendition of a song from the Dreamworks movie, Trolls, left audiences spellbound.

At the 2016 Cannes Film Festival on May 11th, Timberlake and Kendrick delivered a poignant performance, marking the film’s release with grace and elegance. Despite the movie’s target audience being children, their rendition transcended age, evoking emotions that resonated with viewers of all ages.

Set against a simple backdrop adorned only with the movie’s logo, Timberlake and Kendrick’s voices took center stage, weaving a tapestry of harmonies that transformed the song into a moving ode. Accompanied by an acoustic guitarist, their performance breathed new life into the melody, captivating the audience from start to finish.

The original version of the song, featured in Trolls, holds significant narrative weight, symbolizing a pivotal moment in the story’s progression. As a troll named Branch breaks his vow of silence to uplift his friend Poppy, the power of music transforms their world, encouraging them to embrace their true selves without fear or inhibition.

Trolls’ underlying message resonates deeply, urging viewers to seek happiness within themselves and embrace their authenticity. This universal theme of self-discovery and acceptance serves as a source of inspiration for both children and adults alike, reminding us of the importance of staying true to ourselves.

Beyond its thematic depth, Trolls proved to be a commercial success, grossing over $345 million worldwide against a $125 million budget. Its triumph led to the release of Trolls World Tour in 2020 and the upcoming installment, Trolls Band Together, set to debut in November 2023, with Timberlake and Kendrick reprising their roles.

The film’s soundtrack, spearheaded by Timberlake’s infectious hit “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” topped global charts upon release, solidifying its status as a musical sensation. The upbeat anthem not only became a summer staple but also earned Timberlake a Grammy Award for Best Song Written For Visual Media, further cementing Trolls’ cultural impact.

In essence, Trolls transcends the confines of its animated origins, leaving an indelible mark on audiences worldwide with its infectious melodies and timeless message of joy and self-discovery. Through Timberlake and Kendrick’s stirring duet, the magic of Trolls continues to resonate, inspiring countless hearts and minds.


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